Contact with SITRI

Greetings !
Wow, I just suscribed yesterday morning to the Living God evocation programm. I just passed the last two days watching all the videos E.A made on the subject, that’s really a revolutionnary way to get into evokation, wich is the part of magick that I had put aside for year, convinced that to see the spirit, and issue him a task, I needed to grow all the 8 first degree of Franz Bardon training.
I have done some evocation in the past, on recently with the Dark God Noctulius that really gave me a powerful sensation of both power and terror, and more recently with Goetic demons where the contact wasn’t so intense (was really difficult to perceive voices, even if i clearly felt that the atmosphere around me as changed).

After watching all E.A videos, I came to consider that what was missing during the last evocations was a real goal.So I decide to evoke SITRI to bring me a girl that I really want (okay, that’s a f… dabbler wishe).

So I used E.A method.
I had some difficulties in the begining to pass to the tetagamma thing, because most of the time it blocked my breahting when I was trying to pulling my sight back too much.
Then I start focusing and evoking SITRI. I call him, call him and from a time I feel a kind of electric decharge (but something that feel good) in my body and I really start thinking that something was in the room around me. I had the impression that something was in front of me
I then start gazing in the smoke, and call SITRI to manifest. I watch the smoke, and I feel like I was seing a kind of transparent being in the smoke.
The rest is hard to describe because I really had difficulties to listhen what he said. I don’t know if some of you already had contact with him. The demon seem distant to me, not really seducing as I thought it will be, but more suprise to see me calling him because I am most of the time involved in activities that could be more the domain of guys like Abigore. I “felt” that the demon says “strange for a guy like you to lunch luxury spells”.
I assumed the living God posture, I place my task with a long description (because i don’t know the family name of the girl, so I indicate where it’s possible to find her, when, her first name ). I felt that SITRI told me things like “no need to tell me all that, I see who it is”.
I place the task, ask him to go and thanks him for his presence.

He was really quick to leave. I dont know if some of you had already contacted him, I thought he would be a kind of seductive and luxurian personn, trying to touch me or invite myself to kind of orgy, but instead, I found a semi distant being.

Anyway, I’m happy for this first ritual with E.A method. I really felt the presence of something inside the universal circle. This method is awesome

keep us updated of the result !

well, that lets me know something…

maybe i’m just taking too fucking long and should skip the structuring part and just go on to do the rapture and crossroads ritse


maybe i should watch the whole damn program before getting stuck on minor details.

either way

let me know how it all turns out for you.