Contact with Lucifer

Hi guys! So it seems I’m having a hard time communicating with Lucifer and I’ve been trying for some weeks now. Could maybe some of you leave some tips or put in a good word for me? Thank you!

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How have you tried to communicate with him? Why you point that you have a hard time? Can you be more specific?

  • Know your Traits, their characteristics, their tastes and principles of royalty, although their magestad is very accessible there are guidelines that must be respected.
  • Request the validation of his birth to his kingdom, that is to say he recognizes you! not that I know her because he knows everything! but he recognizes few who claim to be under his lordship.
  • When you do, tell him to make his fatherhood feel to him and that is when you will take advantage of it so that he extends his vessel and allows him from that moment until eternity to enjoy his tutoring, because he is very protective, welcoming and keeps his seed in all times and circumstances

I began with praying to him and meditating to his enn, and then I recited the Litany of Lucifer, however, I didn’t receive a response.

I’m putting in a good word for you now :wink:

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Thanks! This is very appreciated :blush:

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Well, just to make sure, have you opened your astral senses?

I’m presently watching again the Evocation of Lucifer video by E.A. and he mentions some incenses; for example sandalwood and myrrh.

Dam, same thing happened, not with Lucifer thou, but with Azazel… I even have an alter for him, pray to him, recite his Enn while meditating but no inval… I am assuming my astral sense are yet awaken?