Contact with Asmodeus... I think?

So… I’ve been trying to understand how to connect with spiritual entities for a while now because I needed their help in matters of lust/love. So I’m here, laying down and going through a third eye meditation to help me with clairvoyance (I’ll attach the youtube video) and around the time I’m sitting in the chair in the cavern with the crystals and running water, I randomly and out of nowhere call out for Asmodeus. It could be because I had just read about him and looked up his sigil, but I didn’t even say his enn!

Anyway, I call out his name a few times and this dark figure, cloaked, vaguely appears. Literally, my first impression was
“Asmodeus!” and I jumped to my knees in front of him. I simply told him I was glad he came and how I appreciated his answering me. Then, I told him my request. He seemed squeptical at first, but I felt him raise my head from the ground and whisper to me that he would do it.

I literally just did this and I am so excited! I was honestly using the third eye meditation as a way to strengthen my visualisation to help me be able to contact him, but I know he heard me… at least, I have faith he did. I also asked him if he would be okay with involving Sitri in the plan, and that point, it felt like he was almost going to laugh, but he did nodded.

So… YAY. Hail Asmodeus!