Contact me without a spell?

Can I get contact from an ex without casting a spell and without evoking a spirit?

Yes. Law of Assumption.


This is what I’ve been doing but it’s not as easy as casting a spell and forgetting. How do I always remain in the feeling of the wish fulfilled? and how long in comparison to a spell will it take to see results.

It takes as long as it takes. The whole point of the Law of Assumption is to live in the end so it is already done, and you’re just waiting for your reality to catch up.

You can also use just pure intention, like when you think about someone casually and then they shortly call.


@DarkestKnight said all you need. Go for it.


That’s a good way to look at it. Like I’m just waiting for reality to catch up to my new assumption.

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You can think of it that the reality is your assumption and that your ex is trying to find a way to contact you that fits her terms, that she’s repairing and preparing to and it’s not just that you are waiting. While that’s happening you do something else that’s going to do you some good instead of only waiting.

As with the eBay/Amazon explanation for receiving a result, it has to go through many corridors before it gets to you. It has to go via this truck and that warehouse then this van and that van, various buttons have to be pressed here and there before you receive it but you know you are going to get it because that is your assumption.
Although whatever you do receive, the packaging might have got tatty or it might have the wrong contents in the package :crazy_face:

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Order by Thursday 9pm and you can receive it by Monday, packaging spoiled by rain of course and a bit crushed on the corners :slightly_smiling_face: