Contact followed by no change in environment

i need to ask because im new at using the TGS technique and EA’s teachings when u think u made substantial contact…that is no physical materialization but every other sense being completely aware of demonic presence even feel as if he gave me instructions to make my mark in in blood on his sigil yet no change in environment as in what i stated as my desires none of which seem to be manifesting…i use a formula of COS opening and evocation towards compassion at the point i feel ive arrived at that “place” in TGS and then just pushing out all that pent up emotion to free myself of its harmful effects and then stating my desire and listening for a response then bidding the demon farewell…is this magical incompetence or am i missing something here its been 4 days since contact or what i thought was…any thoughts i am open to others instruction i know i don’t know everything and there are sorcerers and sorceress’s here that i know probably move the heavens when they do their workings so i ask humbly as a friend, companion of the Left Hand Path where am i fucking up??

It’s quite hard to detail exactly what went wrong, is the result something that needed to happen by a certain time, or it would be invalid?

no I guess I was expecting a more powerful quick response from a powerful high ranking demon like an explosion in the atmosphere causing immediate change

Right, yeah that might not happen exactly in that way.

Try to direct a grateful appreciation as though you already have the result, and if you find yourself worrying, flip to thinking about someone you find attractive, or whatever else is likely to interest your mind more.

4 days isn’t long, demons do sometimes give timeframes but then deliver slightly later (or on occasion, slightly earlier) and 99% of magick will work through existing channels so those things need to be set up by the spirit in order to get you your result.

Sometimes this can appear immediately (or almost) but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t.

thanx for taking the time to respond I will try this…I guess its a matter of perspective and I haven’t mastered our craft not by far I have a ways to go iam pleased that ive made contact I just need to keep going…im driven if I don’t see results I start thinking somthings wrong…but I need to be more patient I guess? I can do that…thanx again

Yeah, magick does not happen that fast for new magicians. Some of us more adept magicians can get results like that right away, but for even the most advanced, it can take several days or weeks for certain spells or evocations to produce results. Patience is key, followed by practice. And before you go trying to repeat any spells or evocations because you feel the results did not manifest, you should instead do some divination or scrying and find out if your magick actually worked first. Sometimes it did work, but we have not given it enough time for the results to be verifiable to us, and repeating the same magick over and over can cause conflicts if the magick is in fact working but you have just not yet seen the results from it. You would basically be building and building upon the same spell which can throw things off balance, and make it take even longer for the results to manifest.

If you don’t know any forms of divination like tarot, crystal ball, runes, etc. I would suggest you learn some. It can be very beneficial to your magickal success and can save you a heap load of time in the future as well as help you prevent any mistakes by warning you of certain spells that are not best for you to attempt. As for evocation, even with E.A.'s methods someone who is new is not going to be able (except for in VERY rare circumstances) to see or hear a demon so the only thing you can rely on during your first several tries is your senses and your emotions, basically your intuition has to guide you as to what is really going on which can be tricky if you have not done a lot of exercises to strengthen these skills. I would also recommend doing some exercises to develop your astral senses which will allow you to see and hear demons, and strengthen your ajna chakra (3rd eye skills).

Just some helpful recommendations to get you started so you don’t jump in too quickly and get let down when the results don’t manifest the way you want them to right away. I’d say you just have not given it enough time. Like I said, results rarely come right away for a new magician and you said you were very new to all of this correct? So wait a few weeks longer (about 3-4 weeks) and if by then nothing has happened, do some divination or have someone do a reading a for you to find out if you just need to wait a tad bit longer or if it failed. Because many times some newer magicians are convinced their first few ecovation attempts worked only because they are excited and so desperately want it to work, that they sort of blind side themselves and become too confident too quickly, then they feel let down when they learn their efforts did not work.

That’s not good because it causes some people to just doubt the existence of magick all together because movies and TV have taught them that magick should happen right away like it does in the TV show Charmed, instant results with flashes of light and smoke. It does not happen that way, and even for an adept, the whole smoke, light flashes, fire, and special FX stuff is just make believe so that doesn’t even happen for a master like E.A. Just telling you to take your time and don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen instantly. Magick is a skill that has to be learned just like riding a bike, walking, painting, etc. I see so many new magicians that give up when their first evocation or spell fails and they blame it all on magick being fake instead of realizing they have just not developed their skills enough to get it right the first item because they are too determined to admit their attempts failed, so instead of admiting a failure they’d rather shun magick all together instead of just repeating their spells and evocations until it does happen for them.

But yeah, wait a little while longer or go ahead and then get some divination done for you to find out your next steps. As I was saying before, many times the first few evocations fail but the magician is not aware because they are so anxious to get the results it never occured to that person that it could have failed and the demon was never really there to begin with, which can also be a reason if a few weeks pass and you still have not seen results.

Thanx for the encouraging words and the wisdom u imparted on me I took notes…and though many would be dark mages don’t like to admit they haven’t got it all figured out I know I have much to learn about Black Magick and appreciate the fact there are some that are willing to have the patience and kindness to share what they have learned yes Black magicians are not to be tangled with if made angry can bring the world down your head…but we are kind loving people who love more sincerely than supposed White magicians who usually are full of envy and insecurity that makes them vile and they don’t want to share knowledge out of fear that somebody might catch on and have a better ride in life then them…thanx for the kindness of Ms Eva and Ms Raven for the words of knowledge advice taken and I will exercise patience and read more and study I know that im no Master sorcerer ive only tipped the iceberg so to speak…much more to learn to continue my ascent and ever willing to be taught by those more adept more experienced in the Black Arts I didn’t expect a flood of people running to my aide but a couple of u offered some help and words cannot express my graditude…back to work study and practice…I hope to soon post a success in Magick story ttyl