Consulting the tarot repeatedly

I have a quick question! is it dangerous to ask the tarot cards the same question repeatedly. Im in a situation where im desperate for the outcome, because it’s been 6 years I had to wait for this date to see what’s going to happen. I’m not actually asking it a question I just ask my inter guide to speak to me and it seems to keep responding to what’s on my mind the most.
I’ve did a ritual for the outcome to be in my favor but the situation I’m in I have to wait for authorities to make a decision idk .

It’s not dangerous to ask the same question repeatedly, but the responses may not be very accurate due to your desperation for one particular answer.

Essentially, your emotions are getting in the way.


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No it isn’t dangerous, but you shouldn’t do it because it builds distrust in yourself, it’s like you just keep on asking because you’re not getting the answer you want to hear, which is a big no no in divination. Trust in the first answer instead.

To get past the emotions aspect, before you begin shuffling or picking the cards, close your eyes and focus on your breathing, try to clear your mind, you want to get into a state of relatively no emotions. Once you reach that state, begin shuffling the cards while focusing completely on the question.


I think I know where you’re coming from. If you must do a reading for the same situation repeatedly, I suggest limiting yourself to a single reading each day. How this can be effective is as a reflection of your own thoughts and emotions from day to day, which to be fair, can and do change. You will probably find that the same cards come up anyway, perhaps in different positions. At least you’ll feel that you have some degree of power or control in the situation by way of knowledge and I sense that’s what you’re after.

Your tarot cards are never dangerous but if you are just playing with them, you’ll find that they will also play with you in response.


Why dont you do different spreads instead of the same one. This way other details pop in


I only know of one spread the Celtic cross. If you know of more please free to list below. And thanks for your advice.

What kind of deck do u use?

The dark grimoire

Second what DarkestKnight said; I have a strict shuffle hard, pull once, trust in the cards, and use reversals to control for my own biases policy.

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Sometimes the Celtic Cross gives too much information about some aspects of a situation, and not nearly enough about other details. Is there someone that you trust enough who is emotionally distanced away from the situation who could do a reading for you? Maybe just a three or a four card draw?

I use Rider-Waite, but have you tried just holding the cards, shuffling, and then just laying them out, just to see what you get? I’ll do it from time to time, to continue building up my relationship with my deck, and it is a wonderful way to exercise your intuition.

May you find what you want, my friend.


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I favor Hagall spreads.

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One I particularly like is the Cross and Triangle Spread, it originates with the Golden Dawn if I’m not mistaken. It’s very good for general readings but can help a lot for many different questions.

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I can definitely understand consulting the tarot for comfort when you’re anxious about the future but in my personal experience it will just keep telling you the same thing over and over again until you start to apply it’s advice to your life. Once you’ve applied the tarot’s advice then the answers will start to change and reveal even more information

If you’re unsure what advice it’s giving you ask for clarity or ask new questions on how to best empower yourself in your current situation

Good luck!

Ps. No I don’t think its dangerous to keep asking the same question but you’ll most likely just keep getting the same answers

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Honey…asking the same thing isn’t going to change the answer. Please be kind to yourself.

Let somebody else read for you if you are too close to the situation.


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Thank you all for the advice. It’s been a while since, I got my hands on advice. I will take all you guys suggestions into consideration.