Consultation orders


How long does it take for someone to respond to an email regarding consultation orders?


couple days ea is busy. he got u tho. pretty cool guy


Ah okay then.


Sometimes he replies right away.

Sometimes it take 48-72 hours.

But you always receive your receipt as proof of purchase immediately after checking out.


I emailed the address about a time as soon as I got your email but got no reply so far.


I just sent you a reply, Gemma! I apologize for the delay… things are extraordinarily busy right now as you can imagine!



It’s fine I got your email. I guessed it was busy for you. Thanks.


Considering how busy EA must be, I found he replied to me VERY fast. Plus he empathized, made me an extremely generous offer and even took the time to scry into my situation. His insights were perhaps not really what I wanted to hear -given my dilemma- but they were wise, heartfelt and enlightening. I`m currently saving to get the money for his ritual work.


Knowing how skilled you are Kyra, It made me begin to thing that It might be a good idea on getting some money together and trying to book for an hour with EA to see how I can better advance my situation. The more I think about it, if a person is serious about advancement, one should be doing anything and everything to put all the tools together. Heck, I might even try to book a session with Timothy, also…!!!

Besides, I want to personally ask EA about something I saw in a dream some time back where I saw someone connected to this forum, whether physically or spiritually, a female that wore a white American Red Cross uniform. Every one here on the forum just parted and made a wide path for her as she came forward with her hand out to greet so graciously… I certainly wondered who she is or was…and I can ask the question…I want to know if the meaning is more symbolic than literal or what it meant as she seemed to have a big influence on everything here…just cannot put my finger on it for an answer.

Uncle Fester