Constructing a floor pentagram

Recently, a friend asked how I made such perfect floor sized pentagrams. I told him I just scale up, but he couldn’t quite figure it out himself, so here’s how I do it, Incase anyone else would like to know how:
This is for a 5ft dia.pentagram.
Pick a center point that your pentagram will fit.

Measure 30inches (76.2cm) from center to the four cardinal directions.
Fill in spaces between the directions with additional 30inch from center markings. You should be left with a circle of ‘connect the dots’.

Connect the dots. You now have a circle 5ft in dia.

Find the circumference. We know the radius is 30inches, so using the formula C=2πr or C=2π30 in our case, we can positively say that our circumference is 188.5

Divide circumference by 5. This will give us an equal distance around the circumference.

Now, take a piece of string, or rope (I use a bent piece of soft copper) and measure 37.7inches (37 and 11/16ths works just fine, not precise, but that will be covered).

Pick a starting point on your circle, and using your string, mark a point every 37.7 inches. You will end up with 5 points.

Draw a straight line between the points, like you would any other pentagram.

There you have it. A pentagram. But wait, it’s not exactly perfect…

Now, to fix the problem of those pesky minute fractions… Repaint your pentagram in 1 inch thick lines. The thickness of the lines ensures a perfect circle and star under them, and decieves the eye into making it visually perfect.

I hope this helps at least one individual. It helped my friend, maybe you too.


Do you do all your magick inside it?

Also, it’s really pretty. I don’t know a lot of people (maybe I do and don’t know) that have actual pentagrams on their floors!

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Well, I’m lucky enough to have a garage. It gets awfully chilly here in NJ, so no outside stuff for me till spring.


Also, it need not be on the floor itself, a tarp or carpet that can be rolled up would be perfect as well.


Nicely done. I may do this with a floor tarp and paint.

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Fantastic! If you do, please share a pic? I change the color of mine all the time, but the original white is still at the bottom.

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