Consequences with magic

Hello everyone, I had a little question in mind after speaking with a friend who did magic in the past, as I’m really interested and new in the subject.

I’d like to deal with a demon and do magic but I know that I’d have to maintain a certain relationship with him after it’s done, but my friend keeps telling me that when she stopped doing magic, everything was worse for her. So my question is, if one day in some years I start to loose interest do I have to worry about consequences ? Can I stop a deal when I want ? Or maybe should I specify in the deal that I can stop whenever I want ?

Thanks in advance.

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I doubt that they would take that deal. It’s typically done with a start-end timeframe in place. But when making deals it is important to be specific about what is going on with both sides and set boundaries.

As far as consequences for stopping Magick this is the first I’m hearing of that. I think taking Magick out of life, and the good things it brings with it, is consequence in and of itself. Others might have different insights to add but this is mine.


Well here is the deal…
When working with demons they take care of you and everything is great. Your friend stopped and suddenly her protection her prosperity and all the things the demon was providing stopped and left her to experience what life is like when we cast aside our helpers. We end up our own and dont have the assistance from the spirits we invented so by comparison it appears that life took a turn for the worse but in actuality the demons didn’t do anything but stop helping.


I stopped for a short time not doing work everyday. You really notice the difference


@Freaya & @AdamThoth I lifted that for you. :+1:


Thank you both @JezebelleMoon @AdamThoth for your answers. It’s reassuring

That’s why I was a little bit afraid as I have chronic depression and anxiety, it’s really less than before but I suppose that when I’ll start doing works, making a pause can be a pain in the ass because of the return to reality…


Thank you so much! (I know it’s not the subject but) It’s a real pleasure to be a part of an active forum where everyone can teach what they know to the new without any judgement!


Exactly right. If you were to relinquish a tool you can use to make life better then it would be no shock to me that life would get worse.

That being said, if a person were not to honor some kind of tacit or implied spiritual agreement, even with your own ascended form, that person might catch some trouble for doing so.

If you are going to go into a pact just be very specific as to terms and conditions, especially beginning, end, and the binding of unwanted actions as well as the ones you do want.

Also keep in mind that you can have great success and a close bond with a spirit that you work with towards short and long term goals without making a pact. I still do not understand the “why” in pact making, myself.


Most magick operates under the same basic principle as something like physical exercise in that if your used to doing either one then stop for long periods some things can become a great deal harder. Maybe not specifically to do with what your asking but definitely plays a part so i thought it worth mentioning.


I’ll maybe do this firstly. I have to work on the magick attack I had lately and having a bond with a spirit could be helpfull especially if he can help me finding answer in questions from the past.


I’ve found Magick can help with Depression and Anxiety. There are those who say don’t do Any form of magick while down and I understand the reasoning behind that but as for helping keep your anxiety down and your depression from crippling you over all, Magick can be benificial.


Also make sure you work on Warding and Shielding so no such attacks happen again. I say this just in case, I’ve run into a lot of Pagans and Magicians who don’t put up protections.


Regular cleansing and banishing is also important


I also never make pacts. I am the one in control. No need for pacts. I can agree to do something they ask of me…or not! Doesn’t matter!

Plus one on this right here.

To put it all in perspective, @Freaya, the greatest occultist of all time, Aleister Crowley, did not believe in the “supernatural”. He believed, as many of us do, that all of these things - gods, goddesses, angels, demons, entities in general…are manifestations of individual and collective consciousness. When you perform these operations, you tap into very deep levels of knowledge and understanding, and abilities, that you already possess. All of the sigils and names and hoo-hah associated simply give you tools to access what is already within.

You, my dear, are a GOD. You are the God. Everything you want to do, you can. You can literally change the world around you to be the one that you want to live in.

Or, to quote my favorite stupid new age meme: “Looking for a sign from the Universe? Babe, you are the Universe”.


Forgive the slightly off-topic, do you actually believe modern humans are the only things to ever have a soul?

I have some questions on this but so far no-one really got stuck into the debate, if you care to, it’s here: “Are Demons Real?” ~ 4 Questions To Dissect

But I totally get it if you’re not in the mood for exposition on a passing statement. :+1:


Agreed, absolutely. But I gotta interject when you say this:

Crowley did believe at one time that these entities were just manifestations of the self, yes. For instance in the introduction to his 1903 edition of the Goetia, he comments that “the spirits of the Goetia are portions of the human brain.”

However, like all good magicians, he later came to revise his beliefs, in this case after being contacted by Aiwass in 1904: “The Holy Guardian Angel is not the ‘Higher Self’ but an Objective individual. . . . He is not, let me say with emphasis, a mere abstraction from yourself” (Magick Without Tears, 1954). So he ultimately did end up believing in something objectively supernatural, for what it’s worth.


Always in the mood!
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@anon48957109 Thank you for the advice! Makes me want to work with Magick even more.

That’s really intersting too! Sorry I know that I can just find the information by reading other posts but since you are here I’m really interested in how you process. Can you tell me more about it ?

Well, I’m totally ready to ride the world in this perception!


Well…I will say that it is good to get some basics under your belt and become familiar with your personal energy/power. Meditation, the chakras, basic energy work, grounding…

When it comes to interaction with entities, well. Honestly, I tend to take the rulebook and huck it out the closest open window.
For a “noob” (let’s say “neophyte” lol), I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that. Contacting these things can be kind of intense. Even if you go into it with the mindset that this is all aspects of your true self, there is the chance that you could lose control and wind up with all sorts of negative side effects if you’re not prepared at the mental, spiritual, and even physical level.

Getting up to speed shouldn’t prove difficult, however, now that you’ve focused your attention to magick.

Here’s some stuff to try out, in this order…


@levilevi Thank you for the informations, I better start doing theses exercise to prepare myself because I can feel that I’m already having some visits due of my interest, I’ll explain that in the correct part of the forum as there’s already a subject for it. But many many thanks!