Consequences of ascending

So I was told recently by Thoth that I must asses the consequences of ascending what do you guys think it will be?


you are going to change…and pass a point of no return…
you will be glad but at the same time its hard to let go of the old.


Alienation and the attendant loneliness. You achieve, thereby crossing boundaries. That’s what our path is about: Ascent to individual, self-conscious divinity. It’s also extremely dangerous. The left hand path is littered with corpses and Magickal grades are recognised, never awarded.



The consequences of ascension can be huge, and like @Uncle-Al mentioned, the feeling of loneliness and alienation towards others can appear, and it can even create conflicts.

If you experience an intimate relationship with spirits, it can be very deep and at a level few, if any, humans can comprehend or relate to. And the longer you are in these kind of relationships, the harder it gets to understand the behavior of humans and even the social rules and norms to make friends or even date outside of your ascension.

With spirits it’s easy and very straight forward, and all they ask of us is dedication and commitment. And that’s enough for a spirit to even fall in love with us. That easy approach makes it even harder to understand humans when making contact with the opposite sex. If it’s easy, simple and straight forward with spirits, why the hell should it be so fucking hard and near impossible with humans?

It’s not easy living in a world as an outsider, where no one seems to understand you. Walking this world with questions of “why” to pretty much everything, extends the alienation and the feeling of loneliness and being misunderstood by others. That brakes my heart.

Walking our paths with the feeling of loneliness as the weight on our shoulders, isn’t always a bad thing. There’s comfort, love and support within that. And you’re not entirely alone, either. At the same time, it grows on you, because you set your own rules and conditions to strive further on your path of ascension. It comes with a high prize, but it’s more rewarding than anything else.


Thanks guys I appreciate it. Doesn’t seem much more different then now :wink:. Haha

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IMO it could mean, that if you ascend as a differentiated consciousness, you no longer ever have the option to return to an undifferentiated state of being.

A seedling can never go back to being a seed. Once it sprouts and sees the light of the sun, it is now joyously compelled to ascend further and further. It no longer has the option, nor the desire, to stagnate, rot, and disintegrate back into the undifferentiated earth. It has chosen its path, and cannot go back.

We are seeds and this world is the shallow plane lightly covered with dirt that the sun can only barely penetrate. Its a time and place of choices; of forks in the road. To ascend into the light, or to descend into the darkness, is our decision to make.


One of the more heartbreaking consequences of my own ascent has been a growing difference of opinion between me and my husband. I am beginnning to take less crap from the world and from strangers, and he keeps reminding me to find the balance between justly maintaining my own footing and snapping back in petty vengeance. It was a little bit of a wakeup call yesterday when he called me out for wishing an asshole driving behind me a nail in the tire just because he honked at me for being idle at a green light for a fraction of a second.

I have never had a good balance between being assertive and being an aggressive asshole because i was raised to turn the other cheek and it STUCK. Now i am growing out of that, and i feel like a damn teenager again


dont feel bad @Anastasiya. you arent the only. someone did that to me last week at the mall…i literally slammed my truck in park and was about to get out and tell the asshole behind me just what i thought…then i realized my sister and her baby was with me so…i took some breathes and went on…she looked at me. and said ’ you have serious road rage’.
Yes yes i do have road rage lol. Nothing makes me angerier than someone so inpatient they lay on a horn.
anyway probably good thing i didnt get out…be my luck he had a gun or something. but hey i take my licks with the best of them. :slight_smile:

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Road rage queens unite :purple_heart:

In Colorado, 70% of the drivers are recent emigreés from California, and the politeness and general technical skill of colorado drivers has gone downhill faster than a wet cheetah. Every drive I make feeds my well of hate for humanity, and then i get out of the car and I’m mostly fine again. Oh well. It’s interesting to have to relearn how to control my temper all over again


im right there with you! :heart:

anger :angry: management 101 :joy:

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I agree with previous posts, once you reach a certain point there is no going back, can only go forward. Even if you try taking a break from occultism you’ll still be pulled right back in. The loneliness can be killer at times, especially if you seek out others who practice locally and come up with nothing (I tend to find nothing but new age fluff balls locally). One other thing to watch for, whatever your main focus on will affect your psychology and there will certainly be times where you feel like you’re going mad.

@Anastasiya you may get the people from CA but I live in NM and we get people sneaking across the border


Love your post Reaper182. Love all of it.

As for road rage, I don’t get road rage. I’ve never had road rage. That said, I don’t look the type, but I’m always physically armed and dangerous. Weapons in pocket and some handy things in the car. I don’t give or take shit from anyone.