Consecration of Statues and Theurgy

I can find some nice bronze statues of Fallen Angels and naked women : I like them because they are not too obviously linked with Occultism, so one is not obliged to hide them in order to avoid triggering the (unwanted) curiosity of occasional visitors. I have heard that it is better to always keep a couple (Male Deity and Female Deity) to maintain a balance of Energies on one’s Altar. Metal is a good choice as materail as it comes from earth & Fire: moreover it is rather strong!
Now, how to consecrate them? I know a few Wiccan Rituals for Tools (Purification and Consecration) but are there specific Rituals for Statues? I can remember that the Pagans of Ancient Greece used some forms of Theurgy to make a Spirit literally ‘enter’ a statue: now, even some Hindu Brahmins do perform similar Rituals when a ‘murti’ is inthroned .
I know that certain occultists anoint Statues with oils (like cinnamon) after a general Ritual of Purifcation.
Consecrating an idol and inviting a spirit into a statue are two different things: I am aware of it. I imagine that one could invite a Spirit after a proper Banishing Ritual.

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to answer your question there,
a real spirit binding can only occeur in one of two forms.

The Spirit choosing to possess the idol /(after being invited towards it)

OR using a Soultrap to encage the spirit against it’s will.

it should become quite obvious by that simple describtion,
that you’re not really wanting to use the harmful form on a spirit you honor and seek to worship.

However, sometimes an inventation simply won’t work.

So here is the third way,
which is not written in books:

Conjure the spirit up from it’s sigil or essence where you feel it lingering.

Expand the spirit by feeding it with your own life-energy, until it’s stable enough so you can clearly see it with your open eyes in front of you.

Once it’s stable enough,
absorb it into your own body,
and from there conjure it right away into the object.

Once you have the spirit out of the room,
and out of yourself,
inside the idol,
you’ll have to seal it.

you should seal it with incense or with the spirits favorite offerings,
so it feels at home and no longer desires to leave the vessle either.

It’s basically a bit of necromancy meachanisms which apply there,
regardless - by channeling the spirit through your own vessle,
and also giving it so much of your own life force,
you gained control and possessed the spirit back,
which for obvious reasons,
you won’t find any master or book teaching you normally.

So use it only if it’s really necessary.

You’ll have to eat, sleep and vampirically feed for a few weeks after applying the technique,
to prevent sickness and replenish the life energy you’ve just wasted on feeding the spirit,
but also,
by feeding it your own life energy directly,
you’ll have bonded intensely with the spirit,
which you have to both physically and mentally divorce yourself from,
before you can start using the idol.

the Spirit will use the link and possess you back,
if it still doesn’t like to stay in the idol,
and still oposes you.

So after sealing the idol,
there should be at least 3 weeks of break before you first use the idol for normal evokation & ritual work.

Oh, and one more possible side effect i almost forgot to mention.

The spirit could techniqually keep feeding on you,
further than you can withstand and thereby potentially kill you.

Just to notice that potential side effect.

And do not make the assumption that only a baneful or Death related spirit can do that.

In fact,
since you are the one who initiates the feeding of life energy,
and spirit could potentially cause that kind of damage to you,
so just be aware of how much you give,
and having a strict break point where you forcefully take back the energy if need be.

  • and no, none of those is exaggeration.

Those, are the actual real dangers that can be encountered on using the method.

I suggest you look into the Wiccan methods again,
and then costum tailor it to the spirit you’re actually trying to capture.



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The egyptian opening of the mouth ritual.


Thank you but as a beginner, I think I had better simply invite the Spirit inside the Statue because the method you describe is very fascinating but far beyond my skills.

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Thank you ! I thougth that this ritual were performed only on mummies buit I have found out it applies to statues and whole temples too.
Here I have found a modern and simplified version :

The opening of the mouth ritual is an ancient Egyptian ritual usually performed by two priests. There are a few thing I did to personalize this ritual. In my mortar I mixed up marshmallow root, wormwood, and thyme. I craved the image of Anpu, the Eye of Heru, and my aunt’s name on my black candle. I mixed in some gold glitter and Anpu oil I made and rolled my candle. Dressed in my ritual white I proceeded with my ritual. Taken from Following the Sun By Sharon LaBorde:

Libation: Pour the water offering. Say: “Take these, Your cool waters that are the Inundation, that they may cool Your heart. Come _______, you have been invoked.” Repeat three more times: “Come, you have been invoked.”

Incense: Light the incense and say: “I give you incense, I give you incense, great of purity. Let its scent reach you and purify you.”

Cleaning the Mouth: Place a dish of natron salt on the altar. Say: “This is your natron of Horus, this is your natron of Djehuty. This is your own natron among the gods. You are purified with it. Your mouth is clean as a calf’s on the day it is born.

Pour the milk offering next. Say: “Milk, milk that parts your mouth, may you taste it in your shrines. That of Horus, that of Seth, that of the two gods reconciled, milk.”

Opening the Mouth and Eyes: Carefully touch your icon’s face with the athame. Say: “I have fixed your jaws spread for you. Let me part your mouth for you.”

Next, hold up the cups. Say: “Here are your two Eyes of Horus, black and white; lift them to your face, and illuminate it.”

Anointing: Using your pinkie finger, gently anoint the forehead of your icon with oil. Say: “Ointment, ointment, from the forehead of Ra; I shall put it on you and it shall transfigured you.”

Offering and reversion: Place your food offerings. Say: “At peace for you is Ra in the sky. Peace be given for you, peace be what you see, peace be what you hear, peace be before you, peace be behind you, peace be your lot. Ra, May your dawn be for this god. As every good and pure offering is for you, so let it be for Him/Her.”

At this point, I lit my candle.