Conscious dimension model

Ok, so this is just a hypothesis/thought experiment on how all this works, that could be proven or disproven by my future experience… I would love to get your input on anything you disagree with, so long as you explain your reason why to the best of your ability for the sake of revision… I will be using some terminology of the ONA(acausal dimension) though this does not reflect on the beliefs of the ONA nor do I define myself as a initiate of the Septenary tradition(at least for the moment)…

The Acausal dimension, the realm realm we interact with when we deal with magic, is the realm of consciousness/energy. the division between psychology and spirituality is a false dichotomy. Within this model our minds even play a significant role even when not engaged in magick. essentially are minds are a single drop in the ocean of that dimension. we have an individual ego that acts both as a house for our “I” consciousness and a shell that keeps us from dissolving into our surroundings… while the ego can be destroyed it cannot be destroyed permanently, and is in many ways a phoenix which recreates itself as soon as the flames of it’s destruction dies down. this makes all ego destruction workings temporary, albeit useful for recreation of the self, and the expansion of the self. Within this Model there is multiple modes of immortality.

About this Model

Why Consciousness/energy?
because the energy wouldn’t do it justice, but neither would consciousness? while consciousness resides on this plane, it isn’t overtly conscious itself(though it may be)… I think consciousness forms itself from energy the same way that single celled organisms somehow formed themselves from a variety of proteins, then evolves in the same manner that evolution happens here(as above, so below), and sometimes along the same scale as down here(which is what I think happened to us.)

If our Minds were existing in the same realm, wouldn’t we have things like telepathy by default?
No, because your not interacting with that realm by default… essentially when you are born, unless you’ve been here before as a spiritualist, the windows on your house(your perception of anything outside your own mind, or your little drop in the ocean) are automatically closed. You can only perceive what is in your own mind, and only to the extent that the limits of your own mind will allow. As you grow in spirituality though, through things like meditation, evocation, lucid dreaming, etc. the windows of your house slowly open up, allowing you to see what’s outside.

Then Why Do we all see different things? Why are there so many different paradigms?
Consciousness has the ability to rearrange things on that realm, we are essentially micro-creators simply remaking reality by our presence. It also has to do with the nature of perception. one person looks at a bear and thinks it looks terrifying, while another thinks it looks cute. While this doesn’t change what it is, it might change how it reacts to us via our reactions to it. It’s the same concept on that plane of existence.

How do I tell the difference between a psychological experience and a magickal one?
You don’t/ there isn’t one… When you first start out your going to get a lot of “psychological experiences” that’s because your will isn’t at its “full potential” (I don’t think it has a maximum potential but let’s ignore that for the moment), and changing your inner reality is the easiest way to get the results. You do a spell to get laid, and you become so horny that you go out and fuck anything that moves. As your will grows stronger, it becomes more like you do a spell to get laid, and all of a sudden you seem to be the hottest piece of ass in town, even if you have arms like twigs and a face full of acne. Further down the road, you may get something like you do a spell to get laid and some random chick knocks on your door. Even further down the road would be you do a spell to get laid and Babalon herself manifest in your living room.

How do I know if What I’m hearing is from the Spirit or if I’m making it up?
In the Beginning you don’t but you role with it and here’s why: in the beginning your perception isn’t that strong so your going to be getting a lot of internal bullshit when dealing with external spirits, but what your getting is still influenced by the spirit in question. As you go along, you’ll be getting less of you and more of the spirit in the conversation, resulting in verifiable information. As your perception reaches it’s full potential eventually you can just sit down and talk to the spirit face to face, so you don’t have to worry about your perception. If you want to get more of the spirit and less of you in the meantime I would recommend something along the lines of automatic typing, or automatic drawing. if you want even more of the spirit and less of you use a form of divination like Stichomancy or Bibliomancy.

Food for thought:
Can spirits pose as internal archetypes?
Can internal archetypes pose as external spirits?
Do we often “dress” spirits in archetypal characters for the sake of relating/communicating with them?
What effect can mental illness, or mental superiority have on both spirits and the external world?
Can someone be “Godlike” without ever devoting any time or effort to Ascent or religion?


Hive mind
This is the heaven experience, essentially you jack yourself into the collective consciousness and maintain your existence by becoming like a neuron in god’s brain… while this analogy is a bit off(I think all of existence is like this to some extent) it will give you an idea of what I am talking about.
The Pros:
well, have you ever studied NDE’s? eternal bliss, and happiness, and singing plants
The Cons:
essentially you can’t do anything that disturbs the flow of energy, you can’t do anything that goes against the wishes of the collective conscious, and you lose your individuality to a more collective identity…Have you ever noticed in NDE’s how they can’t question anything told to them in that realm? and the fact they don’t want to question it after they got back? I don’t think he meant to expel Lucifer in the story, I think Lucifer’s thoughts themselves resulted in his expulsion… essentially that realm is him, and he is the realm, which means that anything that goes against his awareness, any conflict of wills, results in destabilizing the realm.

essentially living off the existence of others… there is plenty of lore already on this so I won’t need to go into much detail, though there is somethings in this model that don’t usually get brought up.
Memetic Vampires
When somebody does something so incredibly Amazing, Horrible, or Stupid that it gets them remembered for all time, they may have ensured their immortality via the thoughts and feelings of us still alive. The plus side to this is you don’t even have to devote your entire life to god, Ascent, or spirituality. you just have to do something that ensures a long memory of your deeds. The downside is eventually everything and everyone is forgotten, but by that time, being in that realm for that length of time, you will probably have found other ways to survive.
These guys weren’t spiritual warriors or anything of the sorts, they just maintain their existence by sheer force of will… they were so afraid to die they clung to life desperately or their extreme emotions prior to their death grounded them to this realm for a while… they are more like hungry ghost than vampires. vampires can be sated, these guys can’t.
Spiritual vampires
These guys actually trained themselves as vampires and predatory spiritualist, and because of that their existence isn’t as flimsy as the other types, I think all beings on that plane still need to feed(unless they joined the hive mind, in that case they just got a feeding tube in their stomach) but these guys don’t need to feed as much, while at the same time being more powerful than the other types… it’s like the difference between a rat(which has to eat all day, everyday) and a wolf (which doesn’t have to eat as often but is much better at catching it’s food)

Crystalization of Consciousness
This is the Goal of most practitioners of the LHP. I am not experienced enough in this area to go into specifics, but you essentially make your consciousness much more able to exist independently of anything else. This allows both the most freedom and the most power out of all the forms of immortality. you don’t have to stick to one current, you can travel around. While you still need energy, you don’t have to be predatory(unless you want to). you can come back to earth and reincarnate(which I believe is usually only an option for the Hive minders, and the spiritual vampires as the process would take a level of consciousness and skill most entities don’t possess.), you could help out your fellow LHPers on earth, or you could explore the vast dimensions of existence(which would be my choice). you could continue to evolve into forms of existence that most of us could not understand at this point in our journey(me included) or you could spend a thousand years fucking off and hiding peoples keys… the keyword here is freedom. you have the independence that the hiveminders lack and you don’t have to stay close to your food source like vampires do.

Other forms of Immortality

Entities of the Currents
Essentially maintaining your existence off a current of energy, like elementals. It may be considered a form of jacking in to a hive mind, but it has much less sentience and much more flexibility.

Earthbound, physical dimension bound
While these are technically vampires they aren’t overtly predatory… there is plenty of energy in they physical dimension that isn’t alive… though I am debating if they could exist in the physical dimension outside of planets with sentient life. It may be the conscious field that sustains them, not the physical dimension.

(note: these are all forms of immortality for sentient life, I cannot speak for any form of existence that exist only on other planes and never had a physical incarnation)

what happens if you don’t achieve immortality?
eventually your spiritual body breaks down in increments, causing you to slowly become one with the universe, though I’m not sure if shades(the husk that is left after “you” are gone) ever really go away unless eaten by something stronger than itself…and even then they can be resurrected by a powerful necromancer, because all that ever has been and ever will be exist in the information matrix.

Food for thought:
What do you think came first, the evolution of Consciousness or the evolution of physical life?
Do you think that Life evolved the way it did so Consciousness could evolve? eventually reaching a point to where a human has the potential for many states of existence after death?
Can animals have a form of immortality? Can a sufficiently complex form of artificial intelligence?

I would love to get your thoughts and revisions on this… Azazel said that there is some information in this model that is off, but in his typical style he said I’ll figure it out on my own/ in time…other than that it would work for me as a beginner


The information on the hive mind is interesting, this explains alot of stuff in books like those written by Kurt Leland, I didn’t believe the system he wrote on there was as abosolute as he believed it tobe, how did the hive mind get constructed? Where did you get that info from?

Anyway like I said before during a prior experience I was able to sort of gain the knowledge that if I died I would get another chance. I do wonder what that means, if the models you present are correct it seems I’m already a part of one of those systems, kind of hoping its crystalization of conciousness. Gotta find out more about that in the future.

I got the idea about the hive mind due to studying NDE’s and trying to explain it in a rational way… I haven’t asked Azazel about it yet, but I will in the future… I believe(theorize) that the hive mind got constructed from the aims of the RHP over eons collectively. essentially they all tried to travel to that place and created it… which would explain why edgar saw it as a mixture of various afterlife descriptions(heaven in one place, sacred grounds in another, as well as egyptian afterlifes and more oriental places in other parts) I’m thinking that “God” is the human species as a single organism…

Interesting to see “system” call itself a beginner.

Maybe this is helpful for you.
It correlates to an revelation I Recieved about science and Magick merging, (working together).



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