Connections :

I’ve noticed this occur ever since I began studying the Occult. My interest in deities keeps changing and its not like I force it too but it happens Randomly. For example, one week my connection with King Lucifer is strong, the next my connection with Archangel Samael will be strong and today I woke up feeling a connection to Azazel.

How common is this in the Occult? I know that we are connected to multiple Spirits but for these connections to be changing fast seems strange. I grew tired of ignoring these connections so whenever I feel them, I will meditate on said Spirit.

Thanks in advance :rose:


Someone once said “if you are thinking about an entity, chances that they are thinking about you” :thinking:


This is cool :sunglasses:

It happens really often for me sometimes to the point where I have to tell the Spirit that I’m not ready. Since Azazel popped up, I decided to go for it.


Very common.

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