Connection Between Lucifer and Shiva


I’ve heard it said from different sources that Shiva is a mask of Lucifer. I believe this to be true from personal experience, but I’m also looking for other evidence for this connection. Any thoughts?


I think there’s already a post about that. Make sure to use the search function.

Edit: My mistake, there was a post about Shiva and King Paimon. False alarm XDD.


I read about a link between Shiva and Satan!


Well, I’ve seen many people saying that and it kinda feels correct. Kendal also agrees and since he has such a great connection with Lucifer, so I believe him.

I’ve personally never worked with Shiva, so I wouldn’t know.


I suggest that you ask a Hindu and let him explain :slight_smile: In my opinion, no connection. Maybe similar “energy” in their presence or something but nothing other than that.

Shiva is Shiva. Lucifer is Lucifer. That’s my thought :+1:


I’d agree with @PrinceX. They may have similar energy, but they are separate, different entities.

Shiva is a god while Lucifer is a demon, angel, and god.


Well Shiva is destructive, archetypal/distant, dark energy. Lucifer’s considered light (or illuminating) and more personal. (just my 2 cents). Definitely distinct.


Nah Shiva told me they’re different