Connecting with Satan

I was reading random posts about sigil and evocation and one in perticular about a sigil for satan caught my eye just glancing at the I could feel a kind of pull from it and got me curious about what kind of energy satan so I looked up the enn for satan and started chanting it out loud the room instantly darkend and suddenly felt so quite it was like I was in the void surrended by a cool pressurised energy.


Thats him :metal:



Could you show here the sigil you came across? Only Lucifer sigils are coming up for me… and also the enn.

is this the one?


The sigil I found was on this post Seal of Satan
It really has an intense energy to it, the enn was the same as the one on your reply


For best results, I suggest that once you notice his presence, to tell him what you want as soon as possible… And give him offerings. Then close the ritual.

In my view, Satan is not a “working” spirit or demon. He’s a God, so you must treat him as one. Request should be almost like prayer, but without begging. And offerings in advance plus another thanksgiving offering when what you want happens.

It would also help if you were in an extreme emotional state while keeping your intention in mind all the time.

Good luck

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Thanks for the tip it’s much appreciated also do you have any suggestion on any offering satan would prefer


I never kneel. Always stand on your feet.



Blood is always the best choice, but you can also offer alcohol, cigars, sex, red flowers, coffee, time ( praising him and thanking him ), honoring his name in public. Just examples for what you can do.

Please note that those offerings are not payments. You’re giving thanks to him, not paying him back.

I also agree with Uncle Al… Satan and all spirits hate begging and worshipping - church style ! - Most of the traditional worshippers are faking their love for their God to get what they want from him. That doesn’t work with Satan. And I believe it doesn’t work with anyone else, they’re only fooling themselves. So no need to do that. The exact opposite of that would be perfect.

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