Conjuring Spirits

Just started wondering about this my friend before summoned a shadow person, and I have been wondering how do you call a spirit if you don’t have the name?

Let me explain better say I want a Dragon but I don’t have a name for one and I don’t want one I created, how would I go about calling one?


“In the name of the Dragon, I call upon the primordial Drakonian force that lies dormant with in me, to teach me, to guide me, and to reveal to me that force that has walked with me since my existence.

Dragon, reveal your self to me, so that we can commune together and initiate our path working in order to ascend as a God.

Change what you see fit.


Interesting I’ll have to give it a shot thank you

In Nomine Drakon
Ho Drakon Ho Megas


Any dragons in the area, i would like to talk to you. Please communicate with me.

That’s how I talk to spirits.

Use a generic sigil. Create a sigil for dragons as a whole.


Got chills reading that.

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