Conjur book question

I don’t speak English very well, and I’m reading a book and I don’t understand something.

“Candles are burned before the skull, an imprecation is said backwards, and a prayer to the Lord of Cemetery, Qayin, is said for the soul of the victim as if he were already dead. This procedure is followed for nine days in a row.”

What does “an imprecation is said backwards” mean?..
Can you explain it in a way that anyone can understand?

And how do you say a prayer or invocation to Qayin?


An imprecation is a spell or a curse. It is the sentence or the paragraph you speak during the ritual. The book you are reading is telling you to speak the curse out loud, but read it backwards. Your book will probably provide the curse for this ritual.

I have never contacted Qayin but I’m sure somebody else is more familiar with him and will explain how to pray to him.

I’m curious about ‘Backward’ interpretation.
For example, “Hello my name is James.” does that mean “James is name my hello” or something like that?

For this example, backwards would be “James is name my Hello”.

Actually, “Hello, my name is James” backwards would be “Semaj si eman ym olleh.”