Confusion about the NAP rituals

I read NAP and wanted to do some more research, I have gotten confusion as to how to go about doing everything in the book. Can I do the NAP ritual and start doing the incantations/chants after?
Or do I have to do the NAP, Central pillar, the fountain ritual and bornless one before I can do the chants?
I saw on forums and blogs mentioning to do these but are they a prerequisite? Or I can just start off with doing the nap ritual and chants first?
I want to know the best method for using NAP

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Follow the directions in the book for best results. If the book says to do the rituals in a certain order, do them in that order. There is a reason for it.

Hi Snowgirl,
As the book says, begin every ritual you intend to do with the New Avatar Power Ritual (the relaxation).
Once you’ve done that, in that meditative state you can perform any of the incantation rituals.

When you learn the preliminary rites, you are advised to change the structure of rituals to begin with:

  1. New Avatar Power Ritual (relaxation)
  2. Preliminary rites such as: Central Pillar, Circulation, Fountain, etc.
  3. Incantation

That makes better sense, thank you.
Have you gotten results with NAP?
I think after one day it’s already working for me.

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You’re welcome.
Yeah, I have gotten results with NAP. It’s a cool little grimoire.
Glad to know you’re having success with it.