Confusion About Belial

I’m currently gathering the things I need to do my first evocation. I’m taking the good Lady Eva’s advice and going straight to Belial. The problem I’m having is this: The more I read about him, the more confused I’m getting, as there is some contradictory info out there. For example, I have read he’s best contacted during the day, but then I see him referred to as a night demon. I also have read night is the best time to summon demons, period. I have seen his elemental association as both air and fire. I’ve seen differing sigils, metals, etc. Aaarrrggghhh!!! In the end, do these things matter all that much, or is desire and intent what really counts here? The only things I’ve seen that all seem to agree on is Frankincense for incense and orange for candle color.

Contact in day or night, you can talk to him at any time. Night is just easier because your mind is wired to trance /sleep better at night. From my experience he seems to like rum, dragons blood incense and just recognition like any other spirit. Just channel him and he will nudge you on what to do next. I usually use the Dunkante sigil and as for elements, he feels like a combination of Earth and fire to me, but you may experience it differently

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Here’s a format that he gave me after I first evoked him, might be a good starting place:

Evoke during the day, in the morning, in a place where sunlight touches both you and his sigil. Offer him some milk with a drop of blood to enliven it, or, if you refuse the blood, some red wine instead. I evoke during the hour of the Sun, but that was my own little addition. I used a white candle and sandalwood incense, because that’s what I had and there were no instructions on that score.

Best of luck.

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Best advice I can give, disregard all the conflicting info.

Draw his seal, and open his seal daily for a good two weeks before you actually evoke him. This will bring your consciousness and his closer. Keep a journal of every thing you feel and experience during these two weeks and during your evocation. This will be better than any grimoire out there.

Grimoires are great, but the are full of misinformation to keep the uninitiated confused. Unless you have a teacher that can introduce you to the spirits you kinda have to do it all yourself. Keep the ritual and the tools of the grimoire at first but after your first few evocations your own journal is a better source of information on how to work with spirits.

I have worked with Belial for years, the first time he was not like was described. Learning who is he is and how he works, his personality, and his views has been a huge benefit to me, better than any description I read of him on the net or in a book.

I won’t say do what I do with Belial. I got my own confusion. but I will say, especially now during my Pact time- as part of my Pact is for “him and or his familiars to enter me through the doorway I have marked upon myself” and to possess me 24/7 throughout the time of the pact- when where or how I evoke him does not matter. Though I do my formal rituals at least every other day, between midnight and 2 am. and on the other days, go in my sanctum, fire up some incense (so far any kind has been fine for him) give fresh offering of soil; maybe sit and talk to him like i would a dear and trusted friend- from afew to 30 mins sometimes, while throwing his Enns in from time to time where it seems to “pump up the vibe”. If you read my recent post about my dealings with Him, you will note the ‘casualness’ I have with him is actually kinda offsetting- but it seems to be what he wants (see my post on “kneeling”.) And he has never balked at my only white candles- but then tends to only respond through the ones which have his sigil carved in them. [if you blow out the candles and return afew hours later and find them all fired up again-- i guess get used to it] Belial may be labelled a “Demon”, but i have to say at least with him, and I am feeling the future will begin to prove true with many of them- “Demon” will be a good thing- or we will need another name- cuz damn if i don’t prefer him to about everything and everyone (but Lady Eva and my Doggyz). I would say be ready for him to work to build you up to feeling strong equal and comfortable with him. And- tell him your confusion, and then give him every chance to clear it up for you, he will, and he will do it in an “only yu and me on this one kid” way. he will see and hear your heart- and- if you are being your best for him- he won’t care if your only able to burn tires for incense- and a lock of your hair in a stick of butter for a candle-(but please don’t prove me on that!- just know he is going to give you lots to love about). I wish I had this experiance decades ago- but I was to damn righteous and intelligent-lol. keep a journal as best yu can- I think you are gonna be fine… i was so where you were from 6 mos to nearly 4 weeks ago, its funny seeing me write this, probably be your turn in afew weeks.

Dude, listen, brief breakdown from my experiences:

  • Time does not exist in the astral: Hence spirits do not give a damn when you evoke them, usually for the first few times, only afterwards tend to tell you when to do it because it pleases them or for some other ritualistic reason that they cannot explain but need you to follow through.

  • Desire is the significant factor, not incense, time, place or implements. Those help, and sometimes are used to show apreciation and trust with the spirit in turn.

  • Cardinal direction? I realized that, once again, do as what the spirit tells you to do or where you feel you ought to turn. I used to turn to the West to contact the energies pertaining the element of water (associated with death and the other side), and when I wanted to contact Mayan entities? I found out that for the Mayan culture, it was the EAST which connected with the dead and such.

And I thought “No, no fucking way, the Sun sets in the West, hence it symbolyzes death, so it must be fucking there!”. But then I looked at the culture as a whole and understood they never had an easy time going West (too many jungles) and that the easily accesible East coast became the representative cardinal point for the element of water (considering that the limitless sea was the only thing in sight!).

After asking some entities whether I should turn east or west, they gave me the kind of look that can only say “you serious?”, and “you called, here I am, what else you need? It’s superflous”.

  • Belial respects confidence and independence, so your strength of personallity and willingness to contact is more important than anything else. Heck, if you wanted? You ciould set an empty chair somewhere in the living room, sit facing it, pour a drink, clap loudly three times and say “I call upon Him whose name is Belial, hear me, visit me, let’s share a drink”.

And it would work. Know why? Because you fucking want it to. You’re your own creator, you’re your own architect. Behave like that and the path of magick will be open to you, and do it anyways because that is how Belial wants you to be.

If there is a phrase that could define him is “Under mine”. As in “things are the way they are, I can accept that, but only under mine”. Under his own rule.


I’ve decided this is the route I’ll take. In addition, I’ve been spending time throughout the day just thinking about him. Not focusing intensely, just thinking about him, and visualizing as best I can the Dukante sigil. It’s easier for me than the Goetic sigil. I figure keeping him in my thoughts is a good way to augment opening his sigil. Thanks for the advice, it feels very right to me.

Why did Lady Eva tell you to go to him first? Also where is the Dukante sigil from and how old is it?

I won’t go into detail about the situation I need help with, but basically the Good Lady suggested him first for the simple fact that he’s the best spirit for the job.

As far as the Dukante sigil, it comes from the hierarchy put together by Richard Dukante in 1963. So, at the very least, it’s from circa 1963. Googling Richard Dukante doesn’t turn up much about the man himself, but you can find all of his sigils that way. The age of any magickal symbol is less important than how much energy has been put into it through usage.

I noticed some months back- that every time i entered my Temple- the Goetic Belial Sigil- was always hanging crooked, usually the top push pins were always pulled out. I would reset them, make sure they were in good and solid, then leave. Never were the Dukante Sigils Ever Off, wrong, messed up. After about 3 times of resetting my G. sigils, I began noticing a thick feeling of ‘annoyance’. When I would work my practice, I would get ‘A little bit of Belial’- but always 'annoyed, and i would see the sigil and develope an angry loathing ‘grimy’ feeling. Finally I took it down, and replaced it with another Dukante s. Then things really opened up and began happening- all the 'annoyed feeling, grimy feelings- gone.
I am hoping that during this Pact I am in to develop my own Sigil with Belial that will just be me and him. But we will see what he says.
Where sigils come from matter- imo; I think it has alot to do with the ‘intent that was put into making them.The goetic sigils have nothing’friendly’ about them, they might as well be drawn with prison bars chains and toture implements.

I won’t go into detail about the situation I need help with, but basically the Good Lady suggested him first for the simple fact that he’s the best spirit for the job.

As far as the Dukante sigil, it comes from the hierarchy put together by Richard Dukante in 1963. So, at the very least, it’s from circa 1963. Googling Richard Dukante doesn’t turn up much about the man himself, but you can find all of his sigils that way. The age of any magickal symbol is less important than how much energy has been put into it through usage.[/quote]

Yes, Belial sigil is very hard to open up. I used Lucifer’s sigil last night and it was active almost from the start. The lines looked like they were being erased before my eyes.

Seeing as the Goetia was written from a Christian perspective, that sums it up nicely. It amazes me how many supposedly “enlightened” people still hold to the notion you must bind, constrain, threaten, shout the names of God at them, etc. I figure the spirit just kinda sits back, amused, thinking “when you’re done with this silly-ass shit, we’ll talk”, lol. Dukante was a Demonalotor, so it makes sense his sigils are more “spirit friendly”.

I should say the Lucifer sigil I used I drew. Also has anyone though of making their own sigil of Belial, using his name and taking out the repeating letters to make a sigil?

He turned my life upside down as I didn’t fulfil my side of the operation. I was a novice (I still am, always learning) and just because I couldn’t see or hear him, I thought the ritual was a failure. No, Belial heard and when he didn’t get what he wanted or should I say promised he wrecked havoc through my life. I got off lightly, it could have been worse. I have given him tobacco, wine, brandy, milk, dark chocolate, honey and sometimes blood. He is a powerful ally, a great King, Ave Belial, thank you for your consistent help.