Whats the point of doing concetration and visualizations exercises when you can just enter theta and delta brainwaves where these two abilities are at their peak? And you can structure things with ease.

How do your results compare from these?

The point is to build concentration. To train your vision and will to be forged as one. Sturdy, unwavering, unbreakable and never yielding to anything other than your own intent. You may be able to structure anything with ease, but can you keep it from crumbling away? How long can you hold a clear image of these constructs? A few seconds? Minutes? How long before the pictures are stripped away by your minds chaos?

Food for thought.

Oh i was asking because i never did any concentration or visualization excersize and I’m starting to feel energy in the form of warm heat around my body and am becoming more lucid in dreams.

Doing these takes you into the states you want to be in