Confused by Spiders

Hey, guys. I’ve been researching and reading, both books and the tarot, for months on this topic, and I’m honestly stumped and need a little guidance on how to clear this up.

Around last September or so, I began having a recurring dream where I enter this tunnel and there’s what I can only describe as a spider standing on two legs wearing a little girl suit. She greets me by my real last name, and welcomes me back. She then guides me down this tunnel, where I never clearly remember what I see, it’s all just a flash of colors and images that don’t make sense.

I’ve been trying to identify the entity behind these dreams, and I’ve narrowed my list down to three, Sepheranz/The Spider Goddess/Arachne, Lilith’s Spider Aspect, and Naamah, who according to my research, will occasionally manifest as a spider.

A few weeks ago while I was doing research I felt a STRONG presence around me, I haven’t felt anything like that before EVER. I could see a shape, vaguely resembling the entity from my dream in the hallway. I went with my gut and mentally asked if it was Sepheranz known as the Spider Goddess, and I heard what could only sound like a giant spider stampeding through my bedroom, which was above me at the time, and crash into my window before everything went silent.

At first I took this as confirmation, but now I’m not so sure. I’ve since called out to Sepheranz again, by name in meditation and ritual, and have had no response at all. I’m honestly wondering if I just guessed wrong and offended someone, or I guessed right and she’s waiting for me to make the next move. I also haven’t had the dream since.

My other problem is that while my clairsentience is on point, the rest of my astral senses are still rather weak despite my best efforts, and no other method, such as pendulums, the cards, etc., are giving me anything clear. It’s like I’m being toyed with.

Has anyone had an experience with either of these goddesses along these lines and can shed any light on how to handle the situation? Is there a simplistic technique for communication I can try that I haven’t come across yet? Or am I just in this for the long game and have to wait it out while my senses develop?

Also, if anyone cares to see or thinks it might help, I drew a very basic picture of the entity I would see in my dreams. If it helps I’ll put it up.


You invoked Sepheranz and didn’t get a reply? Well how are you feeling afterwards… Do you get a, feeling of webs or being drained etc? If she, truly didn’t answer your call I SUGGEST you MOVE BACK REALLY SLOWLY AND get your practise right. Seek Lilith or other goddesses if you’re a newbie. But if you feel like you wanna test your mettle. Then re invoke her

See, that’s the odd thing. I’ve been feeling like there’s SOMETHING around me but nothing clear and nothing as strong as what I felt that night I heard what I heard.

And as for how I felt after the ritual… To be honest I felt pretty good immediately afterward, better than normal but nothing to suggest it was anything more than the energy from the ritual going through me. It also faded quickly, only lasting a day or two before I got back to normal. And no, no webs. Haven’t seen spiders, no dreams that seem connected to her, nothing.

What I learned of Speheranz is that she doesn’t do subtlety at all. The only reason I reached out to her in the first place so soon is that I read she tends to be drawn to people with a messed up personal history, which I have in spades. Made me think that could be why I was having the dreams I’ve been having.

Either way, I think I’ll just let it go and let it be a mystery for now. work on my practice, etc. I’ve been wanting to contact Lilith regardless, so I’ll definitely follow that piece of advice.

Thanks for the reply, though. I appreciate the insight.

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Why did you excluded the Spider Grandmother / Spider Woman ?

Well she is SUBTLE. That I have to correct you. Check your spirit and scry or something.she tests folk hard asf. Trust me

Be vigilant with your practise. If she didbt make, contact don’t bother her

Sepheranz is not just someone to regard as passively as you have. And what, was your motive for summoning her. She is like ultra powerful.beyond the gods you know of and withdrawn from this 3D reality. Don’t get squashed mate. Show utmost respect and be on the look

I noticed you mentioned Liliths Spider Aspect in here, Lilith is always the first I think of when I think of spiders, when I first started my journey with Lilith last October, I noticed a HUGE increase of spiders in my home, around me, on me, and even threw one up. The fact that you kept trying to call upon Sepheranz and not getting a reply is either lack of trained astral senses or its not her. Based upon your Clairaudience of the spider moving it sounds like it’s not your astral senses, I might be taking a stab in the dark here, but hey just my input.

Thank you for the insight. I reached out looking to make contact, do a general introduction, and to acknowledge her reaching out to me, if it was indeed her, under the guise of extensive politeness as I’ve learned of her reputation for coming down on people hard that misstep. I did NOT encounter the subtlety to her in my research, though. Everything I’ve heard about her tests is that they were more like a hammer blow than a tap, so thank you for that perspective.

In that case I will definitely leave her alone for the time being and try to make contact with her once I’m more adept in the path. She does intrigue me, but if she doesn’t want to talk I think I’m better off respecting that.

Going to be perfectly honest, in my research I never came across the Spider Grandmother/Spider Woman. I was focusing my research through associations with spiders instead of any particular culture figuring that would be the best bet. Apparently that was not so.

I will research her specifically now. Thank you.

By the way, you quoted my description of what I saw in my dream, is that a common form she’d take?


Entities may appear in various forms, but they say she can take both human and spider shape. I don’t really bother by the description of an “old woman” because she can appear also as timeless, and timeless can mean a lot of things. What caught my attention, and that’s why I quoted that specific part, is the tunnel, as she in her spider form lives in an underground hole.

Interesting. Good to know. I wasn’t aware that spiders were such a common way for Lilith to communicate.
Also, what you mentioned about my clairaudience struck me too. I gave the credit of hearing that more to the strength of the deity than to my own gifts, as if the message was so strong anyone with an inkling of the gift could hear it. When I was getting no clear response I assumed that it was my lacking never really considered I wasn’t recieving anything clearly because there really wasn’t anything to hear.

Also, it makes sense if you think about it. The odd conflicting readings/results I’m getting could very well be Lilith just sitting around, tapping her fingers, and waiting for the stupid human to get the message, haha.

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Very interesting. Thank you. I have some reading to do.

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Lilith has an attitude and she likes to play tricks sometimes lol

Good to know for future reference, haha.

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Could you lead me to these materials. Where you reached.
But if you genuine feel ready for her then keep trying. I mean she respects people with a sting sense of will and endurance. If you feel you’re ready for her then why not

Sorry for going AWOL, work got crazy on me. Either way, I originally ran across her via V.K. Jehannum’s YouTube channel, which I just realized I can’t link to as it was banned:

This led me to look into her further and I found other anecdotal sources, including posts on this forum, that backed up his info for the most part, which is why I’m not linking them here to save everyone time.

I also ran into a few PDFs for rites, such as:

And another, which linked to a 6 part ritual that I can’t seem to find right now and unfortunately didn’t save, that didn’t have much info on anything except the rites themselves.

The problem is, when I tried to look her up via her other names/aspects such as Arachne, Illivryn, etc., I kept looping back to the same information I’d already found.

I also kept finding a lot of info saying that she and Lilith were the same, etc., but that never quite felt right to me. Also, I must admit, when it came to V.K. he just seemed a little too sure about so many things that I wasn’t quite sure how to take his information either.

That’s why I decided to just reach out and try to find out for myself, and that’s how this post ended up coming into existence.

If there’s any good sources I passed by in my research, please feel free to point them out.


And to address the rest of your post, honestly, I have no clue what I’m ready for. I don’t claim to understand enough about all this yet to be an accurate gauge. If I hadn’t been having those recurring dreams giving the possibility that she may have been calling to me, I probably would have left her alone for awhile due to what I’d learned about her.

Yes its cool. Hf she calls to you then she probably likes you