Confronting a possible invasive entity

Quit, trying to confront em with fancy words and fucking kill em.
(Update: oh shit ur messing with the big boys, brother)

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Okay, so now that I’m calm (and remembered this thread exists), I’ll start responding to posts by tonight. I’m at work right now, so I can’t do it right away.


So the being has (kinda) backed off from poking around my brain. But I still feel his presence. I feel like he’s patiently waiting for an opportunity to do something, though I don’t know what specifically. I half-expected my life to be messed up in some capacity, but instead, it’s been the opposite. I’m finally moving out of my dad’s place and into my own apartment, and I’ve been given extra work at my job (which means possible promotion and more moneyyyyy~).

Of course, that could all be unrelated, but it’s something I’ve noticed…

Anyway, it’s time for me to respond to people.

Well, he was right about one thing: I did have some success. Not complete success, but some.

This… This was a fascinating read, and it definitely lines up with my experiences, at least somewhat. I wonder if it’s the same being…

Assuming it is Nyarlathotep, please tell me HP Lovecraft was exaggerating at least some of his traits. Because if I remember his works correctly, the Outer Gods are basically untouchable.

Interesting… Definitely gonna look that up. The moniker “Nameless One” feels familiar somehow.

Yeah, killing this guy is clearly not an option lol.


In terms of personality, it differs depending on the form, and no Lovecraft wasn’t exaggerating, but of the outer gods, Nyarlathotep can actually relate to the human experience.

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But he’s super malevolent, right?

Also, an update:

A little while ago, Archangel Raziel told me not to pursue further contact with being. I had taken his advice for the most part.

A few minutes ago, while I was getting ready for bed, one of my personal belongings was smacked off of my dresser. At first I thought it was poltergeist activity, or a ghost throwing a tantrum. I chided that if it kept up this behavior, I was going to banish it and that it could send me a message telepathically instead of knocking my stuff around (It’s my house, and I ain’t havin’ that shit).

After I cleaned up, the air around me suddenly grew hot and I thought I saw shadows flickering in my vision. At first, I thought I had overstepped my bounds with my words and tone of voice.

But it turned out not to be the case; and it wasn’t even a ghost.

However, it wasn’t the being I encountered. The energy felt a little similar, but ultimately they different people. This new being introduced itself as a messenger and servant of the one that’s been harassing me for five years. He told me that his master was already coming for me (the messenger admitted he wasn’t given specifics), and that it would be a matter of days before he “takes me home” and how excited he is to meet me.

He also said something that disturbed me: that my daydreams weren’t mere daydreams. You see, I have a very active mind, and tend to daydream a lot. Sometimes they start feeling too real. Recently, it had been of me being taken to some other dimension where I would be subjected to genetic alterations and sink-or-swim tests that would force me to adapt so I could survive them. I wasn’t alone either; others were with me too. We were collectively referred to as a “brood”; children of demonic descent gathered for experimentation and preparation for some unknown calamity. We weren’t the first brood, and we wouldn’t be the last. But we were constantly made to fight one another; we could only rely on ourselves to live. But I saw myself standing among them as the only survivor… to which I was then stripped of my memories of what happened there, as a means to see how I would adapt without said memories.

I told the messenger to tell his master that I wasn’t his puppet. He laughed and retorted with “Your spirit is what he loves most about you.”

After telling me to take care, he left.

…I think I’m going need larger protections for this one.


Well, you already expect malevolence, so that’s what you’re getting. Try clearing your mind of preconceived notions. You apparently amuse him, so he’s not gonna kill you.


Sounds like to me you’ve got a parasite there. Parasites feed off extreme emotions so by it prodding you to being angry you’re breakfast, lunch and dinner!!


I believe our experiences are very much connected… Or at least similar. I have never been tortured or messed with by him, and I do believe the realm that he inhabits and exists as is where I come from. Very ancient, very powerful… Very very powerful. I have gained a lot from this recently. I don’t believe I should say too much more unless it is necessary.

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That’s… three in a row now that someone has had a similar experience?

Fair point.

I hope that’s just what it is. I’ll try a banishing spell tonight and see if it does anything.

That’'ll temporarily clear the space but Mr Parasite will be back.

You need to starve it by not getting angry or showing any other heightened emotion. Eventually it will give up and find another host.

It’s going to be hard and will take a bit of self discipline.

So good luck if it is a parasite!


Small update, but a happy one:

I have figured out a way to stop the entity from penetrating my mind: visualization. And by that, I mean I need a picture or something moving in front of my face. I can’t explain it, but somehow, it keeps him at bay.


Quick update:

Completely forgot about this, but last night during Walpurgisnacht, the entity’s messenger tried to visit me again last night while talking to Raphael. He was immediately banished by King Belial, Raphael and Kamael (who joined in briefly just to put it in its place). Have felt neither the messenger’s presence nor the entity’s at all today.


That entity’s back now. Or maybe he never left?

I’ve had two good months where I’ve been able to keep him at bay, but as of today, that’s over. Now he’s trying to get in my head every moment of the day. Sometimes he’s successful, sometimes he’s not. I feel something trying to pull my soul out of my body, and an intense heat from behind me. My head feels heavy and I feel like I’ve been cut off from my spirit guides.

What’s worse is that I know there’s a problem but I can’t seem to will my body to move and try to fix it. It feels like my will is breaking in his presence.

I really need help. I feel like I’m going crazy. What should I do?


How it is now??

He’s still around, unfortunately. I’ve been working for years to break his hold on me, but it’s a tough one. His presence has gotten stronger, but so have I. I haven’t given up yet, and I’m not gonna start now.


I’m asking because I’ve had some experiences with Nyarlathotep, who was acting rather manipulative and controlling towards me. I really wanted to work with him, and I still find this being fascinating, but he didn’t have best intentions and few days ago I witnessed how Lucifer, Lilith, Belial and King Paimon together negotiate with him in my defence and tell him to give me space and not abuse me because I’m important to them and their plans.
Crazy experiences, I might write about them in detail later.
But I saw Nyarlathotep mentioned on this thread and was like hmmm
I don’t know which entity you’re dealing with and how powerful it really is but I if I will be at your place, I would:

  1. summon as many powerful deities as you can, even if you feel detached from your guides I would still ask them for help. Azerate/Chavajoth (11 Rulers of the Qliphoth together) is very powerful against a single demon, or god. Even few of them can be really helpful.

  2. ask for help other occultists, this is something I would have done a long time ago, really. At least ask someone to help you identify the name of this entity - knowing their name gives you more power over it. At this point seems that you need an exorcism, so I would seek someone experienced who specializes in it. Best luck!

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Thank you for your advice. I’ve been working on number one lately, as number two hasn’t been as successful.

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