Conflictions between spirits

This may seem like a very newbie type question but I am going to be working with Lucifer, however I was thinking of having a female spirit companion to help me with my studies and be with me. I invoke Lucifer once a week to ask him particular questions which I do the work in the following week from the answers I get off him. If I was to summon a succubus as well as working with Lucifer could this cause a conflict of interests or would the succubus understand that for one night my attention would be devoted to Lucifer? Can anyone advise me on this? Many thanks in advance🤘

Animosity between spirits is much like cross interactions between drugs. If there are compelling energies directed from both sides then it’ll throw you off balance and cause inner conflict. If there is ambivalence or share similar temperaments — then it is fine. In your case, you’re totally fine with summoning a succubus and working with Lucifer per usual. May I include that you may as well work with Lilith while you’re at it and read Liber Lilith to see how far sex magic can go.

Thank you for the clarification. So working with Lucifer and Lilith will be compatible as they were once lovers, have I got that right? I will take a look at that thought. My intial thought was that if that I did work with a succubus and Lucifer that she might feel neglected if I was working with Lucifer and take it

Its best to ask the both guys, but yeah usually Lucifer and Lilith gets along.

Is there any special invocation ritual I need to perform in order to invoke Lilith?

I didnt work with Lilith.You can find special rituals out there, you can do a mundane invocation, you can create a ritual yourself.