Conflicting spirits

Hello , Just wondering if theres any rules to working with different spirits. I know some get along and some don’t , wondering how any of you navigate this.
Do the hindu gods get along with vodun gods or the norse.
I would assume using divination though.


Simply ask the entities themselves. Most gods are fine with the magician working with others. The only exception might be if you have take a vow, oath, or are under an exclusivity agreement.


I go by their planetary correspondence! If their planets are enemies I just avoid combining them.



Good question to ask. I as a rule never mix demonic and angelic entities in the same working. Despite the constant tripe you hear on the forum about angels and demons being friends and brothers that simply isn’t true.

Take Lucifer and Michael
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Do they look friendly…no.

Or the example of the enmity between Azazel and archangel Raphael.

Or the hostility between Asmoday and Raphael.

Certain spirits shouldn’t be mixed is my point.

As far as which pantheons of gods get along and which don’t I’m totally out of my depth and at an end of my knowledge and experience.

I can tell you for LHP entities in sitrah Ahra many are violently opposed to the ALL and the angelic heirarchy.