Conflicting messages from demons - Need clarity

I’ve been at the brink of a career breakthrough for awhile. Just when I was making huge progress, I went through a really rough patch starting in NOV, then combined with COVID my industry came to a standstill.

I’ve invoked Clauneck and Bune, who seem to indicate I should be patient, and that opportunities are on their way but to give it time But with my first attempt with Lucifuge Rofocale he seems to be either raising questions on if I’m pursuing the right path or right projects, having me ask myself if this is what I want or should be doing.

I have been working on my chosen career path for years and I am (this is literally the only thing I allow myself to be boastful about) very good, just need to be given a break. I am very reluctant to imagine a world where I give up on a dream I’ve been making steady progress towards for nearly 10 years.

I’m getting conflicting messages and since I’m still developing my ability to communicate, I’m not sure what to make of it.

Has anyone else had this experience, anyone else have any insight into what I should make of these conflicting messages?

Me: Demons, what do you think about this?
Demons: have different opinions


Okay, true. Not sure why I thought there’d just be a general consensus. I guess it’s a matter of determining which one to listen to, then?

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I thought that as well when I was a beginner. Not even between my ubis there is a general consensus sometimes.

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Also me: Can you say it again with less words?

In all seriousness, you could try asking them to expand a bit more? Or do divination to get a clearer response.

So, it seems here that Lucifuge Rofocale could be getting you to plan it out first and discover what exactly you want and how you would be going about it. Clauneck and Bune seem to be sort of backing this up, maybe they mean after you’ve planned it out and have a clear understanding of where you want things to go, then your opportunities will come to a head?

Edit: May have gone into too much detail

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So if I have more of a plan other than, my end goal is XYZ, but the steps along the way and how to get there, that is more of the path all entities involved are directing me towards and would potentially help me achieve?

I’ve felt my goal is well defined, or at least where I want to be, but it’s the getting there that I need help with.