Concerts as massive group rituals. How? I want this!

So I’ve heard of various artists making a group ritual somehow live using their audience to fuel gnosis for it.

Tool definitely comes to mind, definitely Led Zeppelin (who were way way way into Thelema. At least Page was.)

That and a bunch of pop “singers” who admit to “selling their soul” for fortune and fame and do some truly weird shit in their videos. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry (that god damn Bon Appetite video), etc

I’m interested in how to structure such a thing and call on entities while you’re playing/singing. Do they summon them first and flash sigils during and then just say “alright guys, feed up!” or what? I notice Danny Carey has a ton of sigils all over his drumkit and they put up the 7 pointed star in the background a lot of the time. Tons of sacred geometry. I definitely sense they’re way deeper in than I can imagine.

How would some of you more creative types go about structuring such events? I understand that a great show is a hypnotic experience. Getting people to go through a process and go beyond mass vampirism would be something I’m interested in (though I have a definite natural tendency to feed off a crowd HARD. I get goosebumps just thinking about a good stage high…)

Thoughts? How would you do this? Incantations are a bit odd but I’ve seen some odd things in my time in the industry.


I would set up the stage and even the entire audience area and facility to be a single giant sigil. Place speakers in certain places marked to form points on the sigil or even ahead of time hide linked crystals or sigils on stickers on the massive grid needed. Then the entire concert takes place inside of an active sigil.


Band logo’s essentially are seals / sigils. Having them wear your seal on their chest and radiating all that excitement would definitely feed something right?


But sound is very directional (more so than people who only work with it at ambient levels think, and I’m not talking about perfect stereo imaging of recordings either) so you can’t just place speakers to match a pattern without factoring that in.

The membranes in speakers are pushing that sound out in, at first, quite narrow patterns.

That would work for the band’s own guitar amps, most sound systems come with the venue and are setup for the acoustics of that space and aforementioned directional aspects, or are hired by the promoter, eg festivals.

Allegations I dated a musician or two in my younger days are of course completely baseless… :blush:


I have done this before. Used an Evanescence concert to fuel my personal development.

I love Amy Lee. I have a soft spot for her.


I would go for high level energy music. The ambient energy at these festivals is out of this world. I get goosebumps just looking at the vid. Also the horned skull is the symbol of the organization Masters of Hardcore and people feed into that by wearing merchandise and getting tattoos etc.

And Heilung considers their concerts rituals.


Yup. You learn that in marching band. (Yes I do imply doing marching band.)


You wanna learn how to do stuff while singing? Look at Galdr, friend. Galdr does all of that. You don’t even have to vibrate runes, its the principle of Galdr I’m talking here.


That’s a great idea! Just being at a concert enjoying a show raises energy. After a show is a great time to release all that energy for a spell or a ritual.

Imagine Metallica doing baneful magic performing Creeping Death with a stadium size crowd all chanting “Die!” in unison lol!

On that note maybe create a servitor named after your band so when the crowd is chanting your name or anytime your band name is mentioned the servitor is being fed energy. As mentioned above create a sigil of the servitor as your band emblem.

Or act like Jimi Hendrix when he lit his guitar on fire but do an actually ceremony during a song that would mix well with that scenario.


One idea i received for large events or places was from “Seth Speaks”
In this they describe the use of personal sigils place around a public area. They are then programmed to siphon off energy in small amounts from each person that comes into said area and transfer the energy to one sigil of the Magician’s choosing.
It seems this would be a simple thing to do at a concert weither it is in door or out door. An out door concert still has borders, vending machines, food carts, etc. Each can have a sigil placed somewhere on them that isn’t visible.
To me the visible aspect is the showmanship part, it doesn’t ever have to be seen at all. It is quick and easy to have it shown off too though, the more who see it think about it, you know how it goes :wink:


Energy manipulation is glorious.
It doesn’t have to be an incantation if you can use your own body. [ aura and physical. ]
A lot of these artists with massive waves over their concerts have perfected the art of becoming the “Show Man”

Edit : I don’t know where the rest of my message went lol.

As far as how someone can set it up - Have a decently sized stage and tapestry made. Design your instruments with runes and sigils etc. Set up hidden frequencies underlying the music you’re playing. There’s so many ways to do it. Just gotta think about what works best for you.


You know what’s up! Acoustic engieneering is huge and indeed most venues have mains that are stuck in place. I’d put a sigil on my 4x12 cabint and maybe some on the drumkit. I may put that in place of the random pic of Kurt Russell on the kick drum head that makes people go “uh… what?” though that might help things a bit too haha

I’ve seen various shows where the pit becomes a sigil of the band’s logo. Trivium sort of sucks but they come to mind (we were all 16 once…)

I love these ideas. Getting a crowd chant of some sort going yelling “Rise! Rise! Rise!” or something of the like could be fantastic

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I know of a band named Jolly that uses Binaural beats in their music. Their home studio got flooded during a hurricane and their fanbase mailed them enough recording equipment to finish the album. Guitars, boards, computers, drums, etc. Everything. They stayed with an old bandmate of mine and basically couch surfed their entire tour, all sponsored by their fans.

They might be onto something deeper than just “digital marketing.” Uriel comes to mind there haha

Been thinking about putting sigils/runes/etc on an instrument for some time. King Paimon’s sigil on my trussrod cover (looks like a signiture), Azazel’s on my 7 string in red next to the neck pickup. Maybe get a custom guitar with inlays of my own sigils/spirit sigils as the fretboard markers.

Would look really tasteful and most bands that pull it off well get a great vibe from it. I may be a Tool fanboy… The sacred geometry vibe could rock.

Maybe do a projector behind the band directing specific imagery like the sun shrinking into a pinprick and moving into someone’s heart and having it explode around them. People experience something and often it directs their own conciousness. Maybe something to that effect coupled with leading the crowd with showman skills. I get lost in that stuff.

Oddly all my stage presence skill (which I’m known for, I get a ton of comments about it) has come from “projecting energy above the crowd” and whatnot. I thought I was just visualizing at first but learning about this stuff shows I was on to something.