Concerning the Super blood moon and Azazel

Lately I have got the feeling that I should do something on the upcoming Super blood moon. Since I have already called on Azazel for mentorship for quite some time, I asked him if I should be doing something. Using a self made black mirror I called on him and asked him if I should be doing something. (My astral senses are still pretty much undeveloped, I can somewhat feel it sometimes when a spirit is present but that’s it) I got the vague feeling of calling him and perforiming this ritual
and I also saw a sigil, wich at the time reminded me of bune’s but as I afterwards found out, I was Bael’s. Any help, like for example asking Azazel for me, would be greatly appreciated.


You might wanna check this out! So many will be doing something similar to it!


Thank you for your response, I will probably perform this ritual if I manage to get some lancets until tomorrow.