Concerning Relativity Does Pettiness Even Exist?

If you are a total zen Buddhist then you are one with, and allowing of, everything. This person would not have a reason to enact their will on reality. To them, any and all reasons to curse, or do any spell work for that matter, could be considered petty.

So my point is, does pettiness even exist? Or can all things be considered petty?

For example, in another post someone(s) was/were commenting that the OP was being petty. That they have been ignored by their God/Diety/Spirit/ because their request was extra and petty.

Now I myself have chosen not do do spell work because I personally deem the situation petty. But that was my opinion based on my own perspective. Another person may think the exact same situation is, indeed, dire!

Who determines what is petty to “spirit”? And does spirit even care?

I would think not. Unnecessary, unjust, vengeful spells are cast all the time…and they are manifested!

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Pettiness is more of a matter of priority and knowledge rather than action or how it’s perceived.

If an action considered petty would actually be the best way to enact your will, then it’s simply perceived as petty by humans while not truly being so.

If on the other hand there are more pressing matters in mind and you’re focused on something that would have no effect due to convincing yourself that it’s important or focusing on aesthetics (priorities) or not knowing the correct course of action (knowledge).

Pettiness tends to be caused by getting caught up in the trappings of daily human life.

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I’m not understanding, AT ALL, what you are trying to communicate here.

I meant like if someone cuts you off in traffic, and now you want to curse them, who determines if that is a curse worthy offense? I personally think it’s petty but the next person may not.

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Think of it this way, the “right or wrong” of cursing someone for cutting you off doesn’t exist.

What DOES exist, is all the risks and things involved in doing so.

So if you go ahead with it and it turns out the other guy is the incarnation of set and you get your intestines pulled inside out, well you just got yourself killed over someone cutting you off.

If on the other hand you manage to pull it off, but you do this so regularly due to ego or other reasons that you don’t have enough energy to evolve spiritually or do whatever it is that you need to do in this life, then that’s pettiness due to skewed priorities (ego, needless wrath etc) or stupidity (can’t reflect on how you’re using energy) and that’s a sign of being too caught up on the trappings of being human.

However, if you manage to pull it off without a hitch or it was even required of you to do so to evolve further spiritually or complete whatever your true will is, then it wasn’t petty because you had the power and will to do so.

Put another way, not being petty is about taking responsibility for yourself and everything that goes on around you.

The human-self of everyone is always stupid, it can never fully take all things into account, so the rule of thumb for not being petty is to always take responsibility for what you do by understanding that doing ANYTHING means risking it all.

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