Computer Keyboard as a Oijia Board: Is it possible?

So I’m rather curious. I don’t own a Oijia board or anything like that. Is it entirely possible to utilize a computer keyboard to send and receive messages from spirits or loved ones from the other side? Anyone else have this as an interesting concept or is it just me?


There are websites that simulate ouija boards.

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Some Ouija are very pourly made. Sometimes you have to try several till you find the right one

How often do you use those websites? How reliable are they? Any recommendations?

I don’t do ouija as much anymore, but iirc I’ve gotten some decent results.

The second link is my favorite of the three. I’ve asked my questions mentally and without typing and I’ve gotten coherent answers.

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Lol I’m going to get in on this

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I think it’s important that you don’t type your question in on these - some I’ve found are programmed to give specific answers based on that, so watch out for those.


Those were fun

Okay, the root concept and question of this post is this. Has anyone ever gotten so deep into a dream state and been able to type out a question(via WordPad, Microsoft Word, etc) and then be able to get as easy responses as a good Oijia board and be able to type out the message in upmost clarity?

I’ve done automatic writing digitally, which is nearly the same. A keyboard is a tool, like anything else. Just approach it in a similar way as you would any other divination method involving tools.


Thank you, I was beginning to think that I was just falling down some random rabbit hole. It is some really interesting stuff and interesting experiences on my end. Of course the same can be said about actual Ouijia boards. But I just never got one and I figured the same results can be found on a computer keyboard either way. Thank you for the affirmation/clarification.



I made my own Ouija Board out of craft paper and a pen and also cut out a planchette again out of craft paper (different color). The craft paper is a bit thick so it won’t bend easily.
Having said that… Ouija Board is just a tool it can be made out of any material. It has no value if it has no energy. The Ouija Board will have whatever energy you give it or bring to it. Remember this is another divination “tool”.So if a free standing computer keyboard works for you I say go for it. Just ensure that you have assigned keys for “yes”, “no” & “goodbye”. My other advice is : be sure to have a steady mindset and be specific of the energy you are calling on and direct your questions to that energy by calling/saying it’s name. Also ensure that you end the session with a “thank you” and “goodbye” and cleanse your aura and work area after.

I legit just tried the link (3rd one) and my phone glitched, the webpage closed and so did the browser after I asked my question. I had to relogin here to…=_=

I typed out “What is your name?” And the answer was “Oh o…” but then it glitched…

The first link, the oujia board told me it was “A Friend” then told me “Leave me”…real legit…

Automatic typing ( writing ). You could copy a picture of a ouija board online and see if it works on screen, or print the copy on a color printer and see if the paper copy works.

If you do this, make sure you set up protection for yourself first. I made a huge mistake and did automatic typing with an entity I thought was someone else and turned out to be an imposter/parasite that’s been stuck to me, torturing me for almost a year now. Don’t be me, be better :’(

I had such ideas, for example to use the mouse as a planchette and perhaps click on each letter (either after finding the right software or creating one) or automatic writing with the keyboard.
In the latter case I also practiced it; a method I used was to slide a finger over the keys and press them, I left it because (at least on laptop) sometimes the skin got caught… ouch.

Can you not banish it?