Complex Illness Healing

Hi everyone,

I have a friend who has several autoimmune disorders the worst being multiple sclerosis, she has the type with no remission so unfortunately there will be no respite for her. Does anyone have any experience or advice for helping with autoimmune disorders, I have searched and read everything in the forum I could think of.

I’m still fairly new to everything so I do not feel confident in evocation, I do enjoy invocation however. Also I’m a fair way away from my friend in distance so that would need to be taken into consideration.

There are a few Shem angels who deal with healing, check out 72 Angels of Magick. Also, Raphael. For demonic entities, only one I can think of is Buer.

Invocation might not be of much direct assistance but if you’re not into evocation you can always try petitioning an entity.

Good luck :slight_smile:


I’m sorry. I have never attempted healing in that area. I can recommend some healing Beings for you though :

Apollo, Fenrir, Shiva, Airmid, Aset, Sekhmet, The Valkyries especially Eir, AA Raphael, Yemaya and many others.

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Ayurveda can cure disease at the root. It’s mostly caused by diet. So find a good ayurvedic doctor and he can cure her gradually. It isn’t a fast process.

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Thank you, I think I have that book already I’ll check it out!

Thank you, I’ll look into them :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll pass this along see how she feels about it