Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting - Now Available In Hardback Too

Hello Y’all,

I know that many of you have placed orders for Cult Classics series on Amazon, but now these same, new Second Editions have become available in laminated hardback too with a similar lower cost, savings arrangement.

I did not tell you in advance simply because I did not know exactly whether these would release also at that time.

They look remarkably nice in person; they possess a strong feel and glossy appearance.


It was at that moment he was glad he had just gotten his pay check.


Is the “paperback edition” of the complete works the 1st edition while the hardcover edition of the complete works is the 2nd edition?

OR is the paperback edition the same as the hardcover edition except that the hardcover also contains “Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis”?

How can I get the 9 individual hardbacks instead of the 1 single hardback. There’s no option in the purchase section for this.

Probobly have to pick them one by one, but i would advice then to mail and ask If a packadge deal can be arranged since the ”store” option of Balg is fairly basic and dont have a basket function so you need to buy every book individualy and pay postage for everyone which is an issue in my mind but hopefully a Mail to then can help you with that.