Complete List of Angels...Sort Of

Eva recently bumped the thread where she had her full demon list,and I was just perusing Luna’s Grimoire(a very useful place with lots of information despite being made by,made for,and run by fluffbunny white lighters) and stumbled upon a complete list of angels.

I felt the urge to post it here so I am doing that now.Take the list with a grain of salt.It excludes MANY angels.And it summarizes some angels in a few sentences,something we can’t say about for many spirits because they contain a myriad of aspects and elements.

Despite this,it’s fairly useful,and while there’s tons of angel lists online I’m still sharing this one.Luna’s Grimoire is actually one of the places I got started in magic before BALG came onto the scene so I respect them very much.A shame they closed down their forum.

So…without further ado,the Supposedly Full Though Actually Just Partial List of Angels ,the Supposedly Full Though Actually Just Partial List of Angels

Some lesser known angels here seem really cool,and I’m sure going through this list,finding one that resonates with you,and evoking it might prove useful.

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