Complete inability to astral travel or meditate

I am desperate to travel the astral, dimensions and such as discussed here but I am terribly behind in that field. I can see visions and manifestations, hear and feel entities, but I am completely unable to astral travel. Meditation is very difficult even with binaural beats.

What are your recommendations? I was thinking of contacting an entity that works with that. What do you suggest?

Use a black hole to swallow everything in your mind until there’s nothing left and as things pop up down the hole they go to die. I imagine a star lit sky that meets water and there’s a black hole a little away from where they meet. Everything come at me as tv shows on a screen and it all gets swallowed up until only the sky and water is left and of course the black hole. You can try to let it pull you in to see where it goes…maybe deeper into yourself.


Satan will take you out of your body. I only have permanent experience with this.

Not having sex or masturbating for a long time will turn on Kundalini, which will take you out. I did this for 2 or 3 years to get out permanently.

Really it’s the same thing, having Satan in your body and Kundalini.

I would only suggest this if your physical life is not worth living—lots of abusers, tragedy, etc. It will end your ability to connect with humans.

Someone else will have to tell you how to get temporary results if that’s what you want.


Did you try out my technique and if so did it work?

What’s the best way to evoke him?
My clairaudience isn’t really developed would he be ok with me asking questions using g my pendulum?
What offerings do you use?

I cant do it either. Its like a wall… or like a switch is “off” in my brain that should be on. Idk. Working on it. But idk. :confused: have not figured it out yet.

I am looking for a way to find out of my body, too.
Looking into the darkness behind my eyelids doesn’t help getting into the hypnagogic state.
I try to meditate on my third eye while holding thought silence. But oftenly I have not the ease to do long. Has anybody better ways to succeed?


What do you mean permanently? Like are you permanently de-attached from your body and spending your time in the astral world? How do you live your mundane life ? How do you eat and drink? Or work?

Ok, the quickest way to learn to astral travel is to “cheat”. construct sigils and spells emphasizing your mastery of astral projection. Call on Lucifer to help you develop good discipline, meditation skill, enhance your subtle senses, and open your third eye. He EXCELS at these things! And most importantly, be determined and don’t give up. Meditate every day. even 5 minutes a day is better then an hour every three days. you will get there if you are steadfast


My guess is a body double.