COMPLETE control over someone

I don’t have a black candle to do the manipulation spell EA mentioned and I don’t want to kill anyone or harm anyone. Can anyone give me instruction of a spell that would grant me complete power over their thoughts?

I’m just intuiting this out here, but I’m pretty sure a spell like this would take a long time.

If you don’t have candles, I would suggest making a sigil and empowering it for at least three weeks, probably longer. You will probably also need a link to the subject that you want control over their thoughts, some hair or blood or semen/vaginal fluids, heck even a used tissue might work. But something to connect the sigil with them.

From there, I would just intuit your way along the process.

sounds kinky. seriously though, what are you motivations behind this?

As in, selecting their thoughts at will, filtering out other types of thoughts? Basically, emptying their consciousness so that they become a ragdoll you input commands to?

I’d try a Loa, though I’m not sure if they’re capable of manifesting that degree of control.

I agree with Velotak,as E.A. speaks of this in his book,the Spider and the Green Butterfly,something he calls Met Kalfu’s black pin trick.’‘Complete’’ control isn’t exactly something we really do that much,and would probably take a lot more power and be a lot more strenuous than you’d think.

My suggestions? See if you can establish a link through which you can regularly send your thoughts,and grow in personal power to the point that your thoughts will slip into their mind.

You probably won’t be able to make someone jump off a building or nearly kill themselves trying to please you sexually or something like that,but you would probably make it easier to the poitn that no ritual is necessary and you can project your thoughts into someone.

Most of us can’t completely control ourselves, and have conflicting drives, desires, and values - so trying to control another person, and the nest of snakes in their own head, seems like an exercise in futility.

Also kind of gross.

You might do better to do glamour magick, make the person seeing you, think that you’re something they desire. But be careful - what a lot of people desire most is someone to hate and despise, and feel righteously able to persecute. So, add some candy sprinkles. :slight_smile: