Complete beginner. Possible visit? Experiences with Master Leonard?

I am a complete beginner when it comes to anything spiritual but i think 2 days ago I was visited in a dream.
I want to eventually be able to reach the spiritual abilities to where I can contact demons and have done some research, but am still not informed enough I think.

So about the visit. I haven’t dreamt in years or at least I never remember what I dreamt about when I wake up besides the dream I had 2 nights ago. I heard a voice but i cant remember what it said, I saw red lettering but I also don’t remember what those said but what I do remember is the appearance of a Humanoid figure with goat like features and 3 horns wearing (I don’t know if this is the right word for it but) a bit poofy attire. I looked up which demon would best fit that description and found a picture of Master Leonard on Wikipedia and besides that I visualised the horns to be less long than they are in that image it was an almost perfect fit for this description. So i was wondering if anyone had any experiences with Master Leonard? Also does anyone know the Enn of Master Leonard, because i cant seem to find it.

Today I tried my first petition spell but I don’t know if i did it right seeing as I am very new. I requested whichever spirit would be willing to fulfil my request to come to me in a dream within 3 days. I put the piece of paper under my pillow instead of burning it. Any thoughts on this?

I’ll keep this updated and will probably ask questions in the future for help and or advice.

This is not a safe thing to do. You are literally asking anything that is lurking around to come on down and feed upon you through your dreams.

Enns come from the religious practice of demonolatry, and not all demons have them. If a demon isn’t part of the tradition, you generally won’t find an enn for it (most demonolatry sources seem to confine themselves to the hierarchies of the Goetia and Dukante and rarely deal with demons from traditions outside of them).

Leonard is found in the Dictionanaire Infernal, and is traditionally believed to be the “Black Man” that presided over the sexual orgies of the Witch’s Sabbats. He has Germanic origins and is sometimes referred to as Urian, which is a word meaning “Devil.” He seems mainly to be part of Traditional Witchcraft and demonology, rather than demonolatry.


I did state in the petition spell that the spirit would do no harm. Does this help in anyway? Also if you deem it to be too unsafe is there a way for it to be undone?

Wow awesome post. Probably you are the first talking about Master Leonard :heart: but wait till 21 of june, rituals with him are safe the night of the Sabbaths


I just found out about Lucifuge Rofocale and wanted to say that I am now kind of leaning more towards having seen Lucifuge Rofocale instead of Master Leonard because i remember the most distinctive goat like feature being the lower body which Master Leonard doesn’t seem to have. Anyone that can tell me something about Lucifuge Rofocale and your experiences with him?

Please use the search function in the upper right. There is plenty of information available on Lucifuge Rofocale here already.

Generally performing a banishing ritual before bed will protect you while you sleep.

That might be okay, but, honestly, I’m not sure. Generally petitions are made to specific deities or groups of spirits, such as the “spirits of the underworld,” so asking them to do no harm would protect you. However, you gave an open invitation to anything to come into your dreams if it was willing to help you, but you didn’t specify what kind of help you wanted, so because you didn’t limit it or set boundaries, a parasite or impostor could easily show up and feast on your energy, all the while pretending to help you, and, since some spirits don’t really understand the physical world, it might even think it is helping you by draining your energy.

Oh, well thats good news because I actually did put out a specific request that I wanted help with. I shoudl’ve mentioned that in my post my bad.

In general, I would recommend buying a book on the Goetia spirits and finding one appropriate for your needs. That way, you can know what you are dealing with, and people can guide you with their own knowledge and experience of and with said spirit.

Lucifuge Rofocale IIRC is a Qlippothic spirit. Probably not the best entity to start out with. But I could be wrong if he’s calling you. If you go with the Goetia spirits, you can always try to reach him when you have some more experience.