For things you desire that have competition like you want a specific job or want people to view your website link when there are so many out there, can you put a shield around the job and hiring manager so you are the only one that gets that job? For the link maybe put a shield that blocks other links so everyone is drawn to yours instead?


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Mmm how I would handle that is I would employ a dignities related spirit such as Prince Orobas to assist you in making your resume stand out as particularly worthy to the hiring manager.

In the case of the website traffic example I would do the same thing except I’d ask that people see the value in my website and react favorably to it.

By the way I’ve actually used Prince Orobas for projects such as what your taking about with great success in real life.

You should think strongly about trying a petition or evocation to prince Orobas.

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Thank you I will look into him. I have never heard of him.

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