Comparison: Demons in Movies and Reality

Hi there,

I often think about that and now I really need to be clear.

In the movies demons are always shown as bad and evil, they possess people and families and try to destroy them. But as I was reading here, demons are shown and described to be nice, friendly and helpful if you treat them with respect. So now I want to know if a few parts in the movies are real? Can while envoking / contact go something wrong? What are the real dangers?

Please don’t offend because of this newbie-questions.

Thanks in advance!


demons are like teenagers they fuck with who they don’t like and are nice to their friends they also have no physical bodies and can take some weird and scary forms mostly to scare off the weak and those with Christian ties


Yes, things can and do go wrong. Magick is an inherently dangerous and destabilizing force.

Demons can destroy your life. And they can make it better. Massive change always carries risk.

There are other forces in the multiverse beyond demons, however, that are inimical to our world, and that want nothing but our complete and utter destruction. There are also vast cosmic forces to which we do not matter, and are less than insects.

Madness, insanity, psychosis. Complete obliteration of who and what you are. Becoming something Other. Isolation. Being ostracized, ridiculed, hunted, locked up, destroyed, for what you are capable of. Shunned by family, and friends. Being alone and unwanted. Complete and total freedom (this is something few can truly handle, as humans are naturally drawn to security and comfort).


ha all that has happened to me even before Magick

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should note those movies are made by Hollywood jews and people with catholic ties hince the conjuring and Annabelle etc all make demons look like scary creatures from star wars for some reason


Many thanks for your answers. Yes I am serious about that it’s risky, but as you said massive changes causes massive effects - positively or negatively - everywhere.

But if I could choose, I would choose to be a demons friend, for sure. :smiley:

Ps.: I saw that movie at cinema and I really laughed as I have seen this star wars figure.

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I don’t blame them the star wars prequels were scary

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As long as you approach demons with respect for their power and authority, you’ll be fine.


Lol sadly I had to learn the hard way that they are not . And most certainly you can’t just get what you ask for like Harry Potter . Because of Christians I was terrified to evoke Orobas a few years ago . Now I can barely leave them alone .


wave my wand and say enlargeius penisious :eggplant:


:rofl: you never know…

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I prefer to call them “daemons” or just spirits entities etc, as “demons” has to many false connections to it. All the religious BS, and all of the tweaky edge weirdos who want to work with dark nasty evil demons and fuck goats and bathe in baby blood etc. Best advice I can give: if you find a being you want to work with, research that being. Find out where it originated, where the first mention of it in human history was. Find out which ones dont even exist and who’s names popped up only because of mistranslations, find out who’s names got changed, what their original names and characteristics were. Find out which beings are actually the same one, look into archetypes. Then you can start making your next move. Dont simply find an article on Azazel and be like alright sweet lets go! Or don’t read about Satan in the bible and be like ok sounds dope lets do this. Research research research and experiment for yourself.


I’d say the movies The Rite and The Exorcist are the most accurate.

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I don’t personally share the feel good vibes towards all entities. I really do think that some are going to try to screw you for the hell of it (pun intended, lol). But really, am I going to be governed by fear, or does it make more sense to strengthen myself for the trials before me?

Real dangers can be small or extreme. Some people who fuck with energies they should not, or approach it in an uncautious way, can have their life ruined, depression, suicide, etc.

But then again, you could never had heard of magick and simply been born in a third world hell hole. Would things really be any worst?

When reading posts here I have already learned a lot. But I am still struggling with myself doing it or not. If I do it, then I always treat the spirits with respect, kindness and be polite. And I learned that if I fear, I fuck off this fear and face it.

Some daemons (:slight_smile:) are really hard to research. My most interest for first try goes to Claudeck.

Ps.: Yesterday night I accidently watched the sigil of King Paimon and some strange things happened around me. Also some strange closed eye visuals I had. Is this normal?


When you do strange things, strange things happen. I’ve had whispers and whistles during rituals,banging in the walls, things like that. :wink:


EA mentions this in one of his videos