Comparing Lilith sigils

I’m not sure if I have a point to make, so I guess I’ll just call this a general observation.

The other night, when I dedicated myself to Lilith, I saw this sigil:

Which is similar but slightly different to the common sigil of Lilith:

Tonight, I was browsing Library of Lilith, which is a new site for me that I’ve never been to before. I never realized that there were so many sigils out there. But I also noticed that the sigil I saw is also similar to these two:

Similar in the sense that there is a crescent on the “head” of the sigils and one features a barbed tail.

The “eye” one is also very interesting to me, as the center shape on that one and several other sigils was the shape that appeared to me the first time Lilith came to me. I distinctly remembered that it reminded me both of a vulva and an “Our Lady of Guadalupe” figure of the Virgin Mary. I found it amusing that the vulva was in a halo of glowing light.

Is it common to see variations of sigils? I assume that some of it, to some degree, is our mind’s interpretation of things while in a trance state. And we can also be gifted sigils from the spirits as well.

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Yes, it is very common. Some are considered “traditional” and taken from old grimoires, others may be channeled by various magicians, while still others might be simply created by tracing a spirit’s name upon a sigil generator.

When I summoned Lilith, I used the last seal, the triangular one with the eye.

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The “classic” Lilith sigil was actually created by Robin Artisson in 2007.

I think it started as a “joke” to create something similar to goetic seals.

Interesting. I personally have never gotten that sigil to do anything at all. I gave up using that one.

Then again, it IS Lilith, and she does exactly what she wants. She comes and goes as she pleases and I don’t really expect to be able to “summon” her so much as to send out messages and trust that she’ll come back again eventually.


The possibilities for design and shape of sigils are endless. So yes.