Communication Spell without a name?

So I matched with this girl in a dating app and everything was going pretty well. One day she just decided to stop messaging me. It’s been a month or so and I still havent heard anything back from her. I know a communication spell would help smooth things out. Unfortunately this certain person is using an alias. Would it be possible to perform a communication/contact me spell without knowing your targets actual name? Any advice would be helpful.

P.S - I have been ghosted before on these apps and its not really a big deal, but with this person I really wanted to get to know her better.

Yes you can use her profile and alias! It’s still a valid link! Have the chat you had with her during casting to help with the connection! Any text she sent is a link to her! If you have any selfies that’s even better!
Its even better if you are the one who cast the spell because you can tap into the feelings you have for her and that’s a link too!

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Do you have any idea on why she would all of a sudden stop messaging you? You say things were going well, but are you sure she was interested as well?

It’s been a month since you two spoke, and all you were doing was texting…maybe she’s not interested anymore :woman_shrugging:t5:

If you insist on trying to get her to contact you, try Amon. Talk to him, he always helps me with getting someone to open up and talk to me.

Other than that, just use the search function for a spell, include her screen name, and go from there.

Keep an open mind, there are other fish in the sea…good luck.:bouquet: