Communicate With Demons In 30 Days

This post is a response to a fellow forum members question as how to obtain strong , consistent , visual communication with entities.

Also, shout out to Diazin, whos post “building your inner temple” reminded and drove home the importance of imaging , PRESSURE, TEXTURE, and RESISTANCE to your motions when doing them mentally adds TREMENDOUS oomph to your visualizations.

OK Kiddos, here goes as always, just my OWN EXPERIENCE AND OPINION…but it works,lol.

Hey good sir, the only thing that ive found seems to work really well consistently is getting up early and groggy - often , and doing the meditation/evocation immediately.

Also, look at LOTS of comic book and classical fantasy artwork as well as watch TONS of moving flowing computer graphics clips, like the kind that play on a screensaver or in the back round of brain wave bi-neural videos on youtube, and movies with tons of spectacular and supernatural themed visuals, this will give your mind more visual data for your imagination to use, do it a LOT, like all the f***ing time until you see the artwork flashing in your mind when you close your eyes and when your sleeping and when your drifting off…whatever.

The more “words” or “colors” your mind gives the demon , the more descriptive and vivid the ability it has to manifest to you.

“The more fertile the soil, the better the yield” - Azazel or Krehl’ a’teral , sometimes i cant fu**ing tell, lol.

Also get a book titled :

How To Concentrate Like Einstein: The Lazy Student’s Way to Instantly Improve Memory & Grades with the Doctor Vittoz Secret Concentration Technique.
Remy Roulier (Author)

Just follow the instructions BUT when using the techniques imagine that you are drawing on a white marker board with felt tip markers, and have a fluffy eraser for the erasing, when you imagine this really, really, FEEL that you are writing on the marker board, and smell the markers (in your mind,lol), and when your erasing ,FEEL the pressure your putting on the board, go over small left behind spots just like in real life.

After a while (about three weeks to a month) you will be able to draw , hold , and erase elaborate images at will.

This technique works sooooooo good.

So then what?

Well after about a month you will be good enough to GIVE THE ENTITY A MARKER AND LET IT WRITE ANSWERS IN REAL TIME!

This isn’t about SEEING a visual of the entity folks…its about SUBSTANTIAL (and ultimately useful) CONTACT.

This exercise will open up a whole new world , just give the entity a hand, it can look like absolutely anything, white glove, gauntlet,tentacle, whatever.

Perceive the hand clearly and know it sort of flows into the ethereal form of the entity which will probably, be hazy, almost formless, but definitely there, like and invisible body-ish cloud.

This exercise will give you near immediate results (like i said, 30 days ish), the entities can write just as fast as you can talk,so its not cumbersome or slow and if you’ve done your ground work you can literally copy the words verbatim before moving on.

Its effective and repeatable and while you use it it is also, training your mind to structure in incremental steps, first hand, then arm, etc, …but don’t skip ahead.




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Most of the spirits I see are just like you said, energy clouds. Nevertheless, I can talk to them and witness their work when assigned a task. In her book called " The Magic of Though-forms", Dollores Ashcroft Novick says that we can imagine a vessel for the manifestation of the spirit, but Im just too lazy to do that, and personally have that as a waste of good effort. Instead, I employ my force in bringing that spirit cloud closer and closer to our physical plane, despite the fact I dont use incense smoke as manifestation base (most of my evocations are pure energy evocations).

Im honored for your reference to my thread, thank you!

Well if it isn’t motherfucking Chazz and motherfucking Diazin raining knowledge on us D: You, sirs, are awesome.

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