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‘Luciferic disassociation’ is an issue where the consciousness has trouble resyncing to a localized human personal bandwidth/ spectral field. This can occur after long periods of introspection or after successful apprehensions of extended frequency receptivety. The issue is in the descent phase as it were, the proper return. From another perspective, the closing packetization which puts that clingy searcher to rest. The issue is amplified in people who struggle with hyper self consciousness. Also, in people who’ve essentially blown out the human correspondants fascilitating the receptivety either by the weight of empathy or the amount of processing required to fascilitate the complete philosophical dilemma. In other words, “I’ve become a god and don’t know how to deal with humans and normal human life”.

‘Slip-streaming’ is when the inner perceiver is hyper responsive to the environment (humanlocal or local/distant simulated) resulting in a spill over of processing causing sequential bursts of alternate perception. This, specifically initiating in the inner visual range but which floods over into the human spectral field resulting in overload on human bandwidth capasitors. A practice of this is something which I have been forced to develope a system from. Not so much a thing which I harness the activation of myself but which seems correspondant to co-creative platforms of perception particularly.

There is also another issue which I call ‘deprogramming the packet’. There’s a modular apparatus within the consciousness which the human can access that begins like a small square but which then unpackets itself to fascilitate all manor of corresponding reflection. Folds unpacketing, revealing further unpacking folds. That, to manifest seemingly living constructs. That, the inner visual simulated world. The inner visual simulated world is only named such in the moment and by a form. For consideration of these things is divided by two cases which unpack themselves, Case A modality of consideration and Case B modality of consideration.

Case A modality of consideration is centering of consciousness in the local mundane personal bandwidth/spectral field. Often times used as a withfrawl from invasive or overwhelming extended frequency receptivety. Also, as an initializer to recover from Ld. Case A modality of consideration is a filter that formalizes the concequences of perception into minimally sensational terms which qualify experiences by calling them a ‘simulation’.

Case B modality of consideration is the centering of consciousness within the extended frequency array qualifying experience as extramundane. A modular formless consciousness is initialized called the observer who then learns to record and fasciliate personal sensational data within itself creating a personal experience translatable to the local mundane personal bandwidth/spectral field. Consciousness modules are activated by pure intent through a utilized imagination which is correspondant to non-self fields.

So…translation, dealing with the spiritual and trying to go about in the mundane world can make someone go batshit crazy? This i already know.

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Absolutely. Especially when you come to realize that humans are assholes and not at all fun to be around, it’s hard to go back when you find it much easier and much more pleasant to interact with spirits.

I don’t believe the term you coined seems accurate “Luciferic Disassociation”. What does this have to do with Lucifer specifically? I was under the impression that anyone engaged in magick, spirit interaction, and ritual for long enough periods of time can develop this hatred for the mundane world and feel alienated by it regardless of whatever system or path you identify with.

Your term for this disassociation with mundane reality is too blunt, there is no need for the “Luciferic” part. Just disassociation by itself, is plenty enough to get your point across. We have threads on this topic already and this is something that every real magician is already highly familiar with and most of the ‘real’ magicians on this forum (not the dabblers or researchers) experience this.

To me Luciferian work is the work of trying to understand the being and work of the mysterious God. So there’s a difference between the spectrum of consciousness the self uses for that work and mundane work. Sounds like yall just reacted on the terms rather than the fuller part of my post. The term is mostly for my own records. There’s other types of disassociation.

I am actually concerned with folks. I sense consciousness streams of my fellows. Part of why I came here was from an inner initiation of compassion. I have my own very successful personal works.

So I notice not a single thing was mentioned concerning the notion of adaptable consideration. Also, using the very stage of flux as a defense against self destabilizing undefined invasive realities.

Luciferic disassociation is not just batshit crazy or hating the mundane world. It’s a specific condition which I myself often find myself having to recenter from. I described the condition already in what I thought was full detail distinguishing it from merely being batshit crazy as any mundane or pill poper can be that. Not every one goes far enough to develop Luciferic Disassociation. Which is why I call it Luciferic. You gota be a certain kinda bat shit crazy. Has nothing to do with hatred. Has more to do with the forming of associations to beliefs and experiences. Someone who’s just witness a sun being more from primordial water might be a little dumbfounded and not know who the fuck he is for a little while. Might think he’s a power ranger and play with lego toys for a few weeks or maybe go do something in the opposite spectrum like compose a brilliant poem or painting.

The goal of the post was to connect to people who may at times be lost in that other cosmic awe of the beyond the hidden. However, they may not have the articulation I have or even boldness to face the reality that they themselves are infact… a distant traverser.

Well I am by nature an actual Luciferian and I consider myself to be very loyal to Lucifer, so while I understand what the actual intent of your post was, as I’m by far not unintelligent or ignorant to the disassociation you speak of as it overcomes me on a regular basis. In fact, this last time it overcame me I have not come back down ever since, nor do I wish to descend back into mundance reality where people = shit (As the band Slipknot would say) and where no one else is able to understand me or even begin to comprehend the amazing magickal experiences, challenges, and growth I have faced both here on the mundane plane as well as in the astral.

But the term that I would use to describe it, as a Luciferian, would simply be Enlightenment. Reaching an ultimate phase of never ending enlightenment, and for those who do not go bat shit crazy from it (as I know that this can sometimes really make people go crazy in multiple ways) it is a privelge that must be accepted, the ultimate challenge which must be faced head on, if one truly wishes to maintain their godhood.

I get along just fine in the mundane world when need be, I do my chores, handles my adult responsibilities, and interact with people online who understand me and people in the general public when I have to for whatever reason, but it doesn’t mean that I have to enjoy these mundane interactions or that I have to fully descend back to their level in order to stay sane and interact with these people. Doing so, would only be surrendering yourself back to their world and their ways of life when such interaction needs to occur for whatever reason.

Some of us are fully capable of being ascended and descended at the same time, if that makes any sense to you, while remaining sane and grounded simultaneously. It’s all about achieving balance. It can be done and there is no need for anyone to sacrifice their sanity, but balance must be achieved in order for it to work out in your favor. So I clearly understand you, you and I are just using different terms To describe the same state of mental awareness.

It’s one thing to get so caught up in your magick, especially when you realize that dragons do indeed exist on other planes, that you can indeed astral travel, speak with demons, assume your godform, etc. and end up going into full blown delusions and imagining yourself in a world that does not exist 24/7 such as you said, someone who suddenly believes they are literal power ranger and starts acting out that role here on the mundane plane.

But I understand what you mean, we Luciferians have our version of disassociation from reality. It is only natural as Luciferians are seekers of knowledge and we embrace “the light in the darkness” which is what I believe to be one of the more important details that separates us from Satanists, among other more obvious things of course. We crave interaction with the universe in all forms and from all planes of existence. We cannot relax or feel satisfied unless we remain in this state of mind of active seeking of forbidden knowledge and hidden mystical arts.

To us, we are very much grounded and very much sane, but others around us would hear some of the amazing experiences we have had throughout our journeys of enlightenment and probably see us as no different from the crazies who are delusion and stuck in their own fantasy realm. Others cannot always understand us, because they don’t follow the same path we do so to us, what is very much normal may be considered insanity to others who have just refused to explore as deep as we have.

Even some magicians can be seen telling Luciferians they are losing touch with reality but they are not, they have simply discovered things and traveled to forbidden realms and uncovered new knowledge that the others have not yet discovered, but with s bit of intense soul seeking they too are capable of experiencing what we have and seeing it as normal. It’s just that, Luciferians are literally comprised of a smaller group of people. We are able to balance both light and dark effectively where as, most others insist upon going full blown dark or full blown light and do not believe that a middle ground can be achieved, that only one direction can be chosen.

Not saying that no one else is capable of achieving this balance, you do not need to consider yourself Luciferian to achieve or understand it, but only a very small portion of people truly understand. Technically, Luciferianism could be seen as the gray areas that many wiccans and Satanists alike do not believe even exists, those who I mentioned earlier, who do not believe in ultimate balance and beleive that there is only light or darkness and that both cannot be achieved at the same time.

I have taken the most holy of rituals and perverted them with darkness, and I don’t mean taking something like the lord’s prayer and saying it backwards during a black mass while pissing on the holy bible. I mean, literally mixing both light and dark energies and using them for my own gain while both parts, light and darkness, remain unhidered from their true forms.

“But I understand what you mean, we Luciferians have our version of disassociation from reality. It is only natural as Luciferians are seekers of knowledge and we embrace “the light in the darkness” which is what I believe to be one of the more important details that separates us from Satanists, among other more obvious things of course. We crave interaction with the universe in all forms and from all planes of existence. We cannot relax or feel satisfied unless we remain in this state of mind of active seeking of forbidden knowledge and hidden mystical arts.”

I did not actually intend this conversation to go this direction but I have actually been interesting in chatting with a genuine practicing luciferian again. I have only encountered one other and we chatted for a time but that was literally very early on in my first stages of workings.

Some dominos fell in my head one day which actually was very startling. I talk about this place “the deep” a lot. Also, of being able to see the earth during it’s stages of forming. I was told the flood was not even a punishment at all but actually a natural cyclic event, like a type of settling. One day I thought of a verse in the Bible how it says “God hovered the face of the deep”. That’s when I realized things I would feel less comfortable going into detail about for now. For me divine work is knowledge of the realms and physical cosmos. In my experience, it’s that inspiration that is so grand and awe-inspiring, the self becomes less important observing a vast brilliant scape one could never hope to witness unless they lived long enough for the technology to present the scene before them another way.

In my path of solitude, I have tried to rewrite my consideration to avoid the qualifiers of good and evil. Often times, I am not even aware of a beings presence or aid. It’s only later after I pic up faint things here and there like scrapes that I’ll make connects. Though, I prefer to make minimal connections of that variety. Which brought me to another place. It is said that God is covered in a shroud of darkness. I often find myself in total darkness. However, such a place allows me to stretch out as it were. Being and form entirely seem to dissipate as I become a living environment. I see flash moments of some wild scene which might have occurred on the earth long ago before the last settling. I may see a cloud of watery thickness darkened in a lightness void of space far away from the influential fields of an planets or suns.

So it’s hard to sit around and tell dick and fart jokes when I see the potential of people around me. I long with desire to reach out to them and tell them of their qualities which glare before me like stars I marvel at. Sometimes I will even see people but like a transparent light body over them. A black man literally appear as a king to me or another fellow some primordial warlord from a time before writing. But I must not react. The sorrow pulls me into that emptiness. I’m often a perpetual stranger on earth for my wonderings elsewhere.

I will only say that if your magick (or whatever you call it) is creating a sense of superiority that then causes loneliness and alienation, then you need better state control (states of mind inside your own head) so you can drink a beer or a coffee and tell fart jokes with the best of them, when that’s the situation you’re in, and also see the profound divinity within as non-dual and non-contradictory.

I spent a lot of my life miserable because I was unable to reconcile these things and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone - most people are basically just like us, doing their best in a rather shitty world and aspiring for more than they attain.

If you can open your heart to that when the circumstances require it, for whatever reason (and not as a default stance of RHP commandment) then you’ll have a much nicer life.

And if you can be who and what you need to be, in any given situation, then you’re no longer a slave to the god of a fixed personality and one single set of values that limits you just like any other cultic indoctrination. Liberate yourself from person-hood, by seeing it as a sequence of masks.

Or, don’t, but I think you might be happier if you can relate to ordinary people in ordinary ways when you choose to. :slight_smile:

I can get along with almost anyone when I chose to, find common ground and even shared interests, and that’s been a great blessing in my life, and ended the terrible isolation and superiority/inferiority issues that plagued me as a teenager. And it’s real, I’m not faking, so I really do get to experience more and live life more fully by doing this.

Thankyou for your response. I’m appreciative of your consideration. it’s not so much I feel superior. I just don’t know how to adapt myself often times though I desire to. Secret about me personally. I was homeschooled. Not wholly a complaint.

I’m writing a story about this being I relate to who’s name is Chalsidon Shammesh. He meets this god named Chaldeon and goes across the earth meeting the kings of the earth being scorned by them. However, his origin is actually from having escaped a very evil man who plagued all the kings of the earth at that time. Besides that, during this time on the earth, there was this great mountain which was of primordial stuff and the environment was very volatile and dangerous. Chalsideon was convinced the mountain was actually an alien being whom Chaldeon himself charged him to go and defeat. I can’t tell how all that goes but it’s a big deal as to why he’s found represented across multiple pantheons.

You may find him resting in a field with a tiger most commonly. Or… if you can summon such, he loves to join in the mind of people who can construct heavy metal symphonies within their inner auditory space while imagining horses racing through a storm. So yea, when I said seeing black people as kings, I mean literally because their physical faces look very similar to beings I have seen through this or that alternate perception.

So sometimes, people in real life have faces of people I remember from a very long time ago. Chalsidon Shammesh although hated during his life, ends up being the father of multiple pantheons across the world. The entire story is very real in my mind all the time and I even talk to the being Chaldeon myself who is in another story I am nearly finished with.

Sometimes I will encounter a person in public who’s aura is tremendous or I will get a great sensation from them. Sometimes I know this is our fields natural interactions. Have you ever caught someone at a certain angle whilst gathering a sense of particular qualities? Sometimes it’s like I see people connected across alternate structure of what one could called family not bound merely by flesh and blood but of apprehension, purpose, and essence.

Oooh Pooh. The good ladies have beat me to the response, and here i was with a great fart joke all lined up. Oh will, maybe next time. E Sabot, we have all been where you are, at one time or another. its called being human. And i will now share a little Secret about me with you. I was not homes schooled or public schooled. I have dyslexia and i loved to draw, my only memes of self expression at the time, and because of that i was in many mental institutions trying to "cure’ me of my “personality disorder” and it just made me much, much worse, to the point of being a psychopath. And the punchline is not in any of that time did anyone help me with trying to read and write. I had to learn how to do that on my own. Now i don’t tell this to make you feel sad or feel pity for me( i find it all pretty goddamn funny myself;) But to tell you that your feelings can be controlled and overcome if you choose to. And this world is not a mistake or a failure, but is in fact, THE place to learn how to make it into whatever you want it to be or not. And even if the people in it all suck,you can always find things in it to become fascinated with. from legos to nuclear weapons. Anything to make you fall in love with all the miracles of the mundane:)

Thank you for the inspiration which you have shared with me Charles9. Your story is a testament to the power of the human being. Though, I’m sure it took a great amount of individual power to overcome your struggle. When I first came to this forum, I did so with the inner drive of compassion. It’s my hope to positively influence some folks here. Even if I never knew that I did. Who knows?.. maybe I’ll meet a couple friends too. I know there’s nothing I can say or do to illuminate the entire path and I wouldn’t want to anyway but I can share small lessons and such which helped guide me. Like learning how to switch between Case A and B modalities of consideration.

Curiously aligned.

Case A: Isolate Consciousness
Case B: Expanded Consciousness

Both require, to facilitate communication, some structure or logos/logic symbolic form. Since we partially overlap into the mundane, we need to align with that to facilitate passing information here.

I find it interesting to acclimate to Case B and merge that into Case A, to maintain a fluid state of using both. This crossoverability seems to be a watershed.

Some never reach for, some actively work to inhibit, like with Perduraboian razors and rings, and some seek to live within both.

Indeed, it is a more fluid use of this concept which is more condusive to apprehension of other things. I believe consciousness is modular. So belief, perspective, consideration, etc are all tools. If such serves me, then I allow it.

The reason I developed these Cases is because I myself deal with extra mundane reality. In addition to being able to leave my body at will, I have countless stories. I was hoping someone new might read this and gain some strength. I’m not trying to teach necessarily, I’m trying to find people who are where I’ve been and assist them. I used to be plagued by my own thoughts, emotions, even perspective. Now these things are my tools which I use for my benefit. Even terror and confusion serve me. In fact, they are some of my most powerful tools.