Coming in waves

Some weeks I can have OBE’s and I sometimes hear things like my name being called out… I saw a dark figure at the foot of my bed last week (not menacing whatsoever) but just as I think Im progressing, I go even more weeks with nothing! Do other people here find that their own development comes in waves or is it more steady for you?

Hi Brutus, check out this thread;

Thanks Seeker, not sure how I missed this one!

I go through it too Brutus, sometimes even things like opening a sigil can be a daunting task. Like it just doesn’t want to open. Things like this are frustrating to go through especially when it’s a well worn method you’ve had success with and suddenly you can’t perform it. I’ve had problems like this with certain meditations as well. They’ll create a desired effect for a period of time and then just stop. Take a few days break from it all and go back and see how it does. Don’t try to force it just let it happen and it’ll work a lot smoother.