Comic book artist chance

Hello my creepies,

So I am working on a script for a comic I’m half way done actually, but I was hoping to see if anyone would be willing to draw up 2 characters for me to help push me forward a bit, like seeing your work come alive.

Anyway, I would pay within the next week or so $20 for the sketch if I like it, of course. So you wouldn’t be doing it for nothing. Point is if i can get the comic up and going I would be paying you for a full comic. Possibly up to $500.

If you are interested post here to keep this bumped and pm me your drawing. Don’t post the drawing here or no go.

Here’s a description of characters,

14 yr old Spartan recruit, appearance can vary. Has agares sigil on a chestplate.

15 yr old dude looks like 50 yr old chain smoker, red skin, long beard, straw hat only wears a loin cloth and wraps around hands/feet.

Looking for like a similar but not exact adventure time look

Again I will only pay if I like it, but you should still send me it to review it. Likely payment via PayPal in a week or so, non-negotiable. You give up rights for me to use it if you agree.

Don’t pistol whip me for posting this pls mod :neutral_face:


Bumping for love, but it’ll probably be the last time I bump it. Going away for the weekend and i wanted to give this community a shot first before i go elsewhere.

Don’t be dissuaded by the amount either, if it is successful there will be more and I’m planning some other books as well so there will be a money flow.



Hey, figure drawing isn’t my best forte but I’m game to give it a shot, if I can do some research on the character appearances, as some of the references you mention are not familiar to this old gal. Lol. I’ll print out your descriptions as ref for this.

Yea sure, can’t wait to see it.

Remember everyone can try this out.

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Kind of surprised no one else is interested. Meh.

Best of luck my peoples

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