Too many things have corresponded too perfectly to ignore. My practice has bled into my daily life without recognition on my end for quite some time now. And it seems the more I acknowledge these events, the more freely they are put in my path.

This will be the account of these events. I’ll keep it somewhat informal to encourage myself to jot it down as often as I can.

Should anyone want to follow along, here’s a quick and dirty:

  • the beings I work with most are Lucifer, King Paimon and most recently, Belial

  • some of my favorite and most personally effective methodology is servitor creation

  • i’m in the process of developing sex magick rites that work for me

  • also experimenting with black magick incorporated into an astrological natal chart… :smiling_imp:

I’ve put off starting this diary for a bit now, and regret it, as moments have passed that have blown my mind only to be moved on from. It’ll be fun to see the progression continue.



Ever since evoking KP a few months ago, I’ve been inundated with bursts of creativity. It’s getting ridiculous almost, as I’ll have entire song hooks come from nowhere, or a story will lay itself out over top my real world scenario. There’ve been projects I’ve started that haven’t gotten off the ground for years, whether for periodic lack of interest or an overall lack of imagination. I wish I had kept better track of my rituals before now, but it’s nothing I can’t clarify again.

The first evocation ended up being quite emotional. I went into it with respect, and honestly excitement, as I was opening myself up to a being that understands and deeply appreciates the transmutation that exists in art. I had written him a poem in one shot, an entire page about the “Devil’s Stone” that I’ve been working to find ever since(the poem, not the Devil’s Stone). I later did research on that, and it turned out to be quite like that poem. I ended up crying when I felt his presence, almost involuntarily. It was out of a kind of relief I can’t describe, like a barrier was lifted and the unbridled imagination was given freedom. Powerful.

I’ve stopped denying instinct entirely. If I’m on the bus and get an urge to get off, I will. When I’m walking home from my job, if a certain street calls to me, I’ll take the long way. The brief but frequent instances of synchronicity during these times is too numerous to keep track of (I tried once and was using the Notes app in my phone every 45 minutes). Any screen that displays numerical values will have sequences on it most times I look. Lately 444 and 11:11 everywhere.

The stream of creativity is ideal, as my overall life goal is to sustain my lifestyle through creative means entirely. And now is a perfect moment to develop, as the industries I’ll be participating in are still somewhat in a corona-pause. If I don’t reach out to pin some of the dozens of ideas presented to me, then it’s a waste.



Over my Thanksgiving holiday with family, I had gotten immediate inspiration for an entire short film that I made sure to write as fully as I could record. I had also found an old notebook in which I specifically asked KP to “shower me with a constant barrage of creativity and inspiration to utilize”, and now everywhere I go, stories present themselves to me. It seems like as long as I remain open, and work on divination to further perceive these signals, I’ll never fail to draw up an idea.

The mental progress I’ve asked to receive has been quick and rather steady. And when I’ve had passing desires run through my mind, a lot of the time, they’ll be fulfilled in some way. I’m going to apply this apparent ease with manifestation to physical goals, and keep track of the methodology here, as I’m sick of piecing together notebook scraps.

My physical goals are as follows, in no particular order:

  • To convert a friend of mine into a friends-with-benefits situation.
    I don’t care for relationships, and he’s expressed frustration at his lack of a physical outlet (which I feel I could be of some use for :hot_face: ). He’s an Aquarius, so let’s see…

  • 10,000 Instagram followers.
    The necessary public factor of my career is made significantly smoother if I have an audience to package along with me. I’m already 3700+ deep, so at nearly halfway, this goal is nowhere near ridiculous.

  • Monthly income of 5 figures.
    Anywhere from $10,000 to $99,999. Living in one of the largest Southern California cities, this type of money is not only feasible, but quite common in the neighborhood I’m in. The success of a previous servitor secured me a gorgeous apartment in a beautiful place close to the beach; I now will be making sure my nest egg can grow, for both security as well as all the things that prevent newly professional creatives from pursuing their vocation. There will be no blockages, financial or mental, to my ability to rise through the ranks.

These are my most foundational, immediate goals, on which I can build the larger plans I have: that is, to get my name out there and pursue my ambitions full throttle. More than anything, I can’t wait to share it here, as a testament to this dark path I’ve found myself on with you reading this. Not too many details, because if everything goes according to plan, then my real name will be spread regardless.

A voice in my head told me once (unprompted, while at my job),
“You don’t have your habits down because you’re not confident in your abilities.”
I’m not sure who it was, but I’ve ruminated on it and decided to go the route of confidence. Even if I fail, then undying confidence in my ability to come back again will see me through.