Come to me 😈

Hello you crazy Nymphos! :wave:
I could use some help on… making a girl come to me😈

See, the story is very simple. I was going on the bus and most of the seats where taken. But I look upfront and a girl locks deadeye contact with me and makes room for me to sit next to her. Naturally I ofcourse decide to sit down.

Now the odd thing is I had a strong lustful vibe from her. Sitting there next to me, I could fell her constantly checking me out. Now the idiot I am. I’m was enjoying my Latin music and the practicing of Spanish too well even have the time to talk with her. Even tho I clearly had the green light for “Please talk to me” signal. This when on for the whole trip.

Now as we are coming to her stopping location she gets up and numours times looks at me with the Deer in the Headlights look. She gets off and in the moment it suddenly dawned to me. “She was clearly attracted to you. Why didn’t you speak with her you idiot” (This might actually have been a message from Sitri). Naturally I got annoyed but it was to late to talk as she has already gone off.

Now, I remember Sitri telling me to take what I want, and this why i’m gonna ask you guys on how I can make her locate/bump into me. Or possibly some other… cheeky spells…:smiling_imp:


Literally the first entity I thought of was Sitri, when I first began reading this.

Yep, definitely was Sitri giving that message. :joy::joy:


Ha, yeah. I was blissfully oblivious while sitting in the bus. So I myself smacked myself in the forehead when I found out.:joy:

Still. I would like to create the opportunity again. I really have no problem talking to girls. Hell, girls speak quite… openly to me at times. Kinda like I somehow make them drunk and they don’t care if other people will hear what… stuff they have to say👌

Well you said it yourself. Come to me:
Negative side of a love spell, but…

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No need for a love spell. Just a spell so we can cross path again. The attraction was already there, see. :wink:

Go on the same bus route again same time, Turn off and put your electronic devices away for the bus trip. Relax,Be aware, see what happens

Same bus same time same route she will find you. If you do t find her first.