Come on then .. who's reading Damon Brand?

I cant put my book down… I have three but persist to read the first that attracted me the most - Archangels of Magick.

Have you read of follow this, what are your experiences?

I have worked with the 72 Angels of Magick, Wealth Magick, Adventures in Sex Magick, and others.

I have to say that all of his books are amazing and yield results


i agree with C.S his books are amazing, easy to use… and give good results

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Yeah his books are great. I’ve gotten extremely good results from Archangels of Magick, I should use it more. Also want to get into 72 Angels, I’ve had it for long but never tried the ritual.


His books are so simple and easy to use. Very powerful.


One could literally perform miracles with them if used right and more often.


What good results did you get from Archangels of Magick?

Also, you said “one could literally perform miracles with them if used right and more often”. Does calling the angels often actually strengthen our connection with them, thereby making attainment of positive results more likely?


They sometimes leave a markor a link/hook, whatever, so that they can make better connection in the future.

Dank first pm me

I asked Metatron for aid in learning something I wanted to master, then days later I would have revelations regarding what I wanted to learn, and when I read related literature I could see all the hidden and subtle features that are important easily. I was very impressed and that was my first time using that book. Then I asked Raphael for help in healing a chronic illness that bothered me, and so far I have seen extremely good results! I’ve only used the book 3 times, the third time I didn’t get anything but that’s mostly because there was no possibility of gaining what I wanted.

I don’t really know… only time I called a Archangel multiple times for one thing was Raphael, I called him once, then later on I perfermed the ritual again 3 days in a row. I don’t think it’s a matter of connection to the Archangel that makes results more likely, it’s more about how you perform the ritual.

Can I add I did the same thing
I also asked for dreams and got them night after night

I’m now at the point i need to think about what i really want as its not a case of ‘if’ but when and how.

You’ve just reminded me, I requested my knee pain to be sorted, my inflammation has gone completely.


oh and they need no sacrifice nor pacts. They are there to help and assist int he name of God/the Divine.

If you want to pact you can, its more of a promise though, if us weak minded humans need someone to account for our right-doings long term.

‘Steer me from temptation to fail’.

In any of these dreams or visions did you see a white lion or a translucent white lions face?

I dont recall, no.