Combo Trance Inducer


Hey friends,

With my twice daily motivation to practice getting into trance states and deep meditation, preparing for Soul Travel, I sort of stumbled upon a combo of two techniques which within a minute or two put me into a pretty strong open-eyed trance.

Last night I began my meditation sitting upright on a pillow and started scrying into a black leather rectangular board I had made that was situated directly across the room around 6 feet in front of me. After relaxing and letting my eyes rest on the board I began to experience back pain(which is common). I decided to not only stare through the board but divide my attention with the ‘bodily sensations’ meditation. As I put my awareness to where the pain was it lulled me into a deeper trance and my visual field began to fill with cloud-like impressions, my eyes at this point squinting with intense focus.

In a rapid manner, the crescendo was a total ‘non-thought/body numbing’ trance of power which came on very quickly, once I placed my attention to be on body sensations while simultaneously gazing into the board. At one point I remember with half-closed eyes seeing a kind of grid like or cube like interaction with the astral and physical aspects of the room. These are the only words I have that describe the visual. I was also very aware at the point of the non thought/eyes open/visual trance and was wondering if this may indicate a specific brainwave state, possibly the theta/gamma sync?

I don’t know if it was this brainwave state for sure but it was a new, strong experience for me with my meditation practice and I felt it was a success of some kind. Just thought I’d share this with the fine folks on this forum and welcome any comments or feedback.

P.S. As I placed my attention on my back pain origin( the pain being such that it was ultimately distracting me from scrying), my body took over and aligned itself into a correct posture as I drifted into alpha? and the pain dissipated leading very quickly to no pain and total numbing of my body and non-thought. This is pretty huge for me as the pain was very noticeable. I hope this describes the process better. Thanks for reading.


That sounds like theta/gamma sync to me. Definitely a success.

Thanks for sharing the technique, I’ll have to give it a try. My main issue is staying in the theta/gamma sync, because once I get there, my conscious mind goes “OOO! I’m in theta/gamma sync!” and I get excited and after 5 mins or so, I drop back to an alpha state. hahaha.

Maybe a bit of pain might stop my mind from getting too excited.


Ryan, I totally see where you are coming from about trying to stay there. There were a couple of moments where I felt thought and some excitement come up over me but I resisted for at least a few minutes. It was almost as if I had to ‘play dumb’ or pretend to be ‘doped up’ to trick my mind into remaining in the theta/gamma sync.

Haha, the pain has it’s uses I guess, definitely can be a joykiller but at the same time it propelled me to try this technique so I will persevere to see how far the combo can take me. Please post if you have any results. :slight_smile:


Thanks alot, I’ll definetly try it !


You can easily cure yourself of simple body ailments with basic energy exercises. The Invocation of Omnipotence from Evoking Eternity is fantastic for this. Instead of releasing the energy at the end, form it into a golden ball at your heart and send it into the afflicted area. You’ll actually feel it go in. I’ve permanently cured all kinds of problems in a single working.
If you’ve done enough chakra opening and balancing exercises, you can pull green energy directly into the heart and send it straight into where you need it.
It’s an open secret that the Middle Pillar can be used this way too. Again, at the end just send the energy into the spot that needs healing. This method is less effective in my experience and will require several repetitions.
With these exercises, you’ll know you’ve got it because you feel the energy going in and usually the pain or sensation will intensify for some time, then slowly dissipate over the next 2 to 24 hours. This is not a hypnotic effect, as you may first suspect, especially if the pain vanishes all at once within fifteen minutes of the exercise, which it sometimes will in simple cases. The pain doesn’t just leave, but flexibility and normal function are restored.


Maybe this is why monks and other religious used to scourge themselves and such other painful self mortifications…And here I just thought they were a bit of a perve…


That is inspiring, Sultitan_Itan. I’ve always found the pain keeps returning daily because of the work I do and because I stand all day. I have been able to at times, like the above example, dissipate it temporarily with things like meditation and even the Middle Pillar Ritual but it returns after a long days work and distracts me from putting in more work in my ascent as it can be mentally as well as emotionally draining. Physically it’s just annoying to have niggling, burning pain coming back again and again daily. I will give the methods you explained a shot as I believe it can work, just wasn’t exactly sure of how to do it or a method that has worked for others, so thanks for the advice.


Very cool. I’ll have to experiment with this.
Thanks for sharing Virdon Djinn :slight_smile: