Combining energy infused images

I do quite a lot of attuning images to energies for different specific purposes. I am wondering about ultimately created complex pictures with different parts attuned to different energies for different (but not conflicting) purposes, as opposed to my approach of attuning the entire image to one.

So as an intermediate step to that experiment, I have created four small, separate images. Each one has been individually attuned to a different energy and with a different specific purpose.

These are:

Enochian healing- This one is just for healing energy in general

Raphael- specifically for calm and relaxation

Ebubuel-For healthy sleep

Ublisi-for lucid dreaming

The object of this exercise is to have the four come into play concurrently, rather than by name etc.

The way I’ve been testing which seems to work for me is as follows:

-Relax gaze

-Let gaze pass over all of them

-Look at the white space in the middle

-Intend to activate and welcome all four energies (without naming them etc)

-Then just chill in front of it for a bit

If others wish to give this ago, I would certainly be grateful for feedback on your experiences


You are you go! I am excited to see what your findings are!!


I already try it for 2 days, since then i get vivid dream… I will say it works!

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