Color Sorcery (turning everything into a form of Magick)

Hi my name is Tyreek and I have been a fan of E.A since 2013 threw looking up on Luciferianism & I been a fan since. I’m a Luciferian Mystic that teaches the philosophy of soul science which it got everything to do with soul travel & learning about the planes & realms of it names & beings that inhabited. I also teach Dark Chaos Magick where you create not only sigils & servitors, but also Egregores & Godforms to create your own mythology to yourself or with family & friends & create your realms for the spirits to live in & complete your mythology. In soul science I teach how to create your own race of servitors & have Egregores as lovers & friends but with your Egregore lover, you can have servitor children’s with them and create a realm as your home in the afterlife. But when it come to creating spiritual planes that when color sorcery come into play which turning everything into a form of worship & Magick to create the tree of paths just like the qliphoth & it realms. The tree of paths in color sorcery will give brith to many new planes of the spirit realm. I name out the new paths on my YouTube channel but ima reveled all of them to you on my next topic so be on the look out & I just want to say E.A you is my idol when it come to black Magick & spiritual occultism. I wanna thank you for helping bringing the Golden Age of Sorcery & with Color Sorcery & soul science even the tree of paths. I hope one day that me & your team can make this come & turn this world into a magical place where everything is a form of sorcery & I mean every single thing on this world & beyond will be magical. I thank you EA Koetting for being my inspiration of my philosophy.


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