Cold - Flu - Sickness recipes

I’m making some home brew chicken soup and I won’t regale you with all the ingredients at this time as I’m sick and ugh! If any of you care to share some secret ingredient in your brews please do. I couldn’t find a topic but I’m sick soooo… lemme know what you use and when I feel better I’ll let you know what I put in before.


symptoms are headache, tiredness, fever, chills, flush face, some aches, tiredness. Health Protocols ACTIVE!


One thing i can tell you that helps big time is adding garlic to the soup. When my mom makes it when im sick she puts a ton of garlic powder lol. But it definitley helps get rid of a sickness. I ate some this morning as im getting over a small cold.

Get well soon!


With the disclaimer this forum is for entertainment purposes only, and not medical advice, and so you must seek qualified advice if you need preventative medical information, or, think you may be sick…


I am saving this.

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I use it every year. :heart_eyes_cat:

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I am not home right now but I can get some stuff I use around my houses

I adore elderberry Syrup for both preventing sickness and when I am sick.


Ginger is also amazeballs. :+1:

Ginger & garlic steeped in red wine vinegar… :heart_eyes_cat:

PS add honey as needed.


I am going to do this. I don’t need to go down with anything. So I will so anything and everything I can to stay healthy this winter.


Some good old honey lemon whiskey. Two shots of your choice of whiskey a tablespoon of honey and a little lemon juice. Warm it up in the microwave and sip and enjoy!


Ok, my head ache went away for now and some of the fever abated. The chills are gone for now. Actually, I enjoy at times getting this type of sickness as fevers can lead to altered states. Sadly, I had nothing but restful sleep. Lots of water, juice, etc as my brew er soup is on slow cooker.

Ingredients in no real measurement:
Some prepared rosemary chicken that was frozen and was to be a meal in the future (sister in law had it in there for a while). Skin, bones, cartligdge, legs, thights, wings, maybe a breast (no back etc etc so not a whole chicken. In it went.
powdered chicken broth & water of course
various white/black sea salt
montreal steak pepper & , black pepper hand ground
celery seed
Ground Tumeric
Fresh Basil
Ground Basil
Ground Fennel
Ground Thyme
Ground Sage
Garlic Powder

Several Garlic Cloves
1 Whole Yellow Onion
Fresh chives
Store Bought Fresh Mushroom
2 Large Carrots
Celery & tops
Cabbage Leaf
Red, Green, yellow Pepper
Some Yellow Squash
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Galangal Root

And I think that’s about it. I might be forgetting something.

I had or have considered putting in some broccoli, oregano and perhaps even jalepeno pepper. Its cooked in the slow cooker for several hours and now its just tasting and making sure its about right. I broke up the chicken but left the bones in there and put it on low to further brew. There are probably some ingredients I’d like to use but I’m feeling pretty fortunate that my sister in law was a cook and had a wide variety of ingredients. I would have preferred fresh turmeric but powder will have to do. Depending on how long the soup lasts we’ll see if I have to add anything to it. I’ll probably be the only one eating and drinking it.


I use chlorine dioxide because Wikipedia says it’s dangerous and doesn’t work. Kills influenza overnight but gives a little diarrhea. Cures a lot more than influenza.



If you still have your Christmas tree or access to a fir, pine, spruce, or cedar tree, you can make an expectorant tea loaded with vitamin C.

-4 to 6 young tips
-1.5 to 2 cups hot water
-cinnamon stick
-sugar or honey to taste

If you harvest fresh, make sure it’s not a yew tree and that you wash the tips in a bowl of water with mild dish detergent before rinsing well before brewing your tea.

There’s also this medeival almond caudle recipe similar to modern hotty toddy drinks.

1 - 1/4 cups of water

3 - 1/2 ml of white wine

1/2 tsp almond meal

1 tsp of honey

½ tsp of ground ginger or 1 tsp of chopped fresh ginger

1/8 tsp of salt

Few strands of saffron (optional)

Heat the water and wine until just coming to the boil. Add almond meal, honey, and ginger. Stir in the saffron. Remove from heat and let cool for 20 minutes. Return to boil once more before serving hot in bowls or mugs.

*from Karen Maitland’s website.

Also in medieval times, they’d serve a primitive form of candy called an electuary that was served several times a day to be used in conjunction with a hot beverage. There’s a type of German Christmas cookie that contains a lot of medicinal herbs and honey that fits this category. You will need Lebkuchengewürz spice or to make your own which she also has a recipe for.


Feel better soon.


General boost of your immune system:

1 teaspoon of grated ginger root
1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
1/2 lemon
1 teaspoon of honey or brown sugar
100ml of warm water (you can use a shot glass as a measurement, it holds 30ml or 44ml, depends where you’re located)
or don’t measure anything at all and just go with your gut.

Either way, just mix it and drink it.

Winter is coming down here (right along with tuberculosis, pneumonia, The Flu™, etc) and there this whole plague thing going on, so I’ve been taking it every morning. I noticed that my rhinitis is gone. Like really g o n e.
It’s a disgusting drink but you get used to it.

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Ever since i stopped eating gluten, I’ve never been sick even once, even with a mild cold.

I know it might sound crazy but if you drink cow urine on an empty stomach, your sickness will be cured within 1 or 2 days.

Otherwise there’s plenty of other ayurvedic cures